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Flash Fiction
"You aren't going to believe this." Julie looked at the screen.

Vandals have demolished fences at Longleat Safari Park. People living within a thirty mile radius are advised to stay indoors, stay alert and not to be tempted to feed any animals that they may come across.

"As if the virus isn't bad enough." At that moment there was a knock on the window. Big round eyes stared back at Jamie as he moved the curtain. Tongue poked out, the monkey jumped off and on the window ledge.

"I need to go shopping. D'you think it's safe?"

"It's a monkey, what harm can it do?" Julie reassured.

Dressed in full PE, Jamie ventured out. The monkey followed, laughing and jumping excitedly. When Jamie reached the supermarket he took his place in the queue. The monkey didn't understand social distances, he charged through the doors ahead of everyone. Screams were heard from within.

The monkey re-emerged carrying a large bunch of bananas. The security guard was quick to act. Grabbing the creature by the upper arm he said "Oy mate, you know the rules, only three of each item."

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