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by Norman
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We're not allowed to shake hands now
We’re not allowed to shake hands now.
We simply have to wave.
Or maybe we‘ll just give a nod.
You know you’d best behave.

‘Cause shaking hands could spread the germ.
You know you don’t want that.
Hey, maybe you can go old school
and simply tip your hat.

And all that hugging that we did?
Well, that must also go.
(To tell the truth I won’t miss that;
I hate to tell you so.)

Yeah, social distance is the norm.
You mustn’t get too close.
‘Cause you don’t want to catch that germ,
not even one small dose.

So maybe I’ll just blow a kiss.
Yeah, that could be some fun.
(As long as they can take a joke
or else I’ll have to run.)

Or maybe I’ll just stay indoors
and watch the world go by.
And then I might survive this year.
That’s one thing I could try.

Oh hell, what am I thinking of?
I need to get some air.
I’ll just keep social distancing;
I’ll have to take some care.

So if I pass you on the street,
I’ll have this simple task -
I’ll keep at least six feet away
and smile behind my mask.

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