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by kunti
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You can't believe that! Until this day I still unbelieveable. Let's join!
I still remember about my experience. This day my father invited some people from my church to came in my house. 6 p. m. o'clock some man has came, they has preapared to present in my church. My father decided to training sing at second floor in my house. You must know: my house was not inhabited since ten years ago. So, you can imagine now, how scream my house.
In second floor, I was sat in front of the door. My eyes can see all things that in the room. The door’s room was opened when iI sat in front of it. The room was so dark and stuffy. It can be seen without you in the room. And then in this room, there is have a little room-bathroom that are rarely used also in this room a lot of my father’s book piled up.
When I sat there, I have been already felt that was something wrong there. But, I can’t find that. Until all the people tried to sing a song, my eyes see something. Exactly in front of me. I am speechless.
When I realized it-it that looks very white but transparent it’s not same wall in my house, it’s like a jellyfish. It’s form like a piece of hand. There is no body or head. I immediately shouted-“Pak, there was someone who called me, but there was no one there who was just a hand waving at me.” (*Pak it mean Dad in English)
Immediately all of the people was shocked. Then my father asked for me, “You see only a hand waving for you, right?” “Iya, Pak.”(“Yes, Dad.”) So, my father pleased to all people to go back and tried in the first floor.
So, if you it’s me what do you think about my experience? Are you shocked? Or are you scared? You can believe or not-because that I became known all of the “ghost” in my house. Now, is no disruption about “ghost” in my house.

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