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by janaya
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the person i use to be it who i want to be again
dear the person i use to be,

I used to be like you and I would give anything to be you again. My life consists of so many bad things. I want to be 8 again, without a care in the world and a sweet boyfriend that loves me for who I am. But I'm wright to you to tell you that your life will have many obstacles that will try to stop you, don't let them. If you work for all that you truly want in life you will get it. People will try to push you down but you can't let them, You will have to push back. There will be things you will have to change in your life and people that you will care about that you will have to get rid of out of your life in order to stay who you truly are. Overall don't forget to be who you are and don't let people change you. Love who you are and don't put up with all the crap that others try to give you.
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