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This is only Chapter 1 of the story. If you are interested in the rest please tell.
I walked down the rocky road of twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth Bornard Street while my new black high-tops kicked the gravel as I strolled. My older brother, Elijo, was unable to escort me because he had caught a bad case of constipation. I climbed up a small hill that would have eventually lead me down the road of my school. When I reached the top, I heard the uncanny roar of an engine behind me. I stopped and moved over to the left side of the road so that the vehicle may pass. Strangely enough, it did not pass: it drove up and stopped next to me.

It was a black van with huge tires that seemed too large for the automobile. The windows were tinted and I noticed a sticker that read, "Baby on Board."

The driver's window lowered down and there was a man smiling at me. He had hazel eyes and beautiful curly hair that went as long as his ear. I watched in silence as he spoke, " Hey, there. How ya' doing? It's kinda hot out there. Don't you wanna ride?"

"We got AC. C'mon inside!" said a female voice. I peeped behind the man and there was a woman in the front passenger seat. She was also very beautiful.

I smirked and responded, "Umm... No, thank you. My school is right there." I pointed out in my school's direction. The man's lovely smile dropped into a frown and then he became infuriated. As quick as the Flash, the back door of the van slid open and another woman appeared. She tugged on my long hair and threw me into the convertible.

I could've heard the wheels of the van screeching upon the highway. The dull ringing of my school bell that eventually faded away. I smelt the strong scent of someone who was delightfully proud of their Calvin Klein fragrance. Everything was dark; so dark that I was unable to identify the woman that swept me off my feet. All of a sudden, I felt an unbearable strike in my right thigh. I grunted and looked over only to see the silhouette of a hand holding what looked like a syringe and forcing whatever liquid inside of me. Slowly the darkness around my eyes caved in until there was nothing but gloom. I became unconscious and there was nothing I could have done about it.

Who were these people? What were they planning to do with me? Where was I going? I did not know the answer to these questions. All I knew was that it was definitely not good.

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