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For whatever it's worth, I woke up on Friday, May 15, 2020 and came to a realization...
!?!What's This!?!
Just click on it to find out!
Don't worry!!
It's perfectly safe!!!


I launched this sheet on Friday, May 15, 2020.
This first section will contain whatever I decide to write in here during the weekend.

For starters, this Sheet will be added to through May 17, 2030 when May 15 will fall on a Wednesday, May 16 on a Thursday, and May 17 on a Friday.

Be watching this sheet all weekend long during which time I'll be filling up this first section...


May 17 has just begun, and I never added anything new here on May 16, but I can tell you a little more about what I've come to realize, and that is that I need to go viral due to my centrist, voice-of-reason take on life as well as my

Forrest Gump kind of life

where I find myself right in the middle of this or that event (sometimes, by accident, and, other times, on-purpose).

Anyway, I've ended up not filling this part in very much due to a lot of reasons, so, I'll be continuing my thoughts in the next part...


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