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by TS Boz
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · None · #2222033
A poem about Mary's garden party.
Little Jack Horner
Was o'er in the corner
Eating Miss Muffet's pie
He stuck in his thumb
And made that bitch cum
She screamed and arched her back high
And Little Bo Peep
Abandoned her sheep
And showed up with her dress torn
And Little Boy Blue
Oh, he was here too
Left Little Bo Peep blow his horn

So, Mary, Mary
Quite contrary
Your garden party rocked last night
Ev'rybody was sayin'
How they all enjoyed playin'
And they wanna play again tonight

Oh, Mary how she diddled
When that cat with the fiddle
Brought along his dish and spooned
And Jack brought Jill
Down from their hill
And sent her to the moon
And the daughter of Mother Hubbard
Went to your cupboard
To get your Dane a bone
But when she bent over
The Dane took over
And gave her a bone of her own
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