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A scale for quite possibly the sweetest apples you'll ever taste!
         There's are a variety of scales out there in the world for various things. There's the periodic table of elements, the Scoville scale for the measurement of the spiciness or heat in peppers, and of course the scale that we weigh ourselves on. There are numerous scales but the one I discovered on a bag of apples is the one I'm going to talk about here.

         This scale is brought to us from Kiku, the fresh apple emotion. The super sweet Kiku apple was first discovered in Japan, and later perfected in Italy. They are an exotic apple with an exceptionally superior taste, attractive ruby red coloration, crunchy texture, and juicy flesh. These apples are only available from a select group of orchards in the world. I bought my bag of Kiku apples from a Lidl grocery store. This scale may be biased, but from what I've seen it's pretty accurate. It measures a variety of 13 different apples from the most tart apple to the most sweetest apple at the top of the scale.

--Golden Delicious
--Red Delicious
--Pink Lady
--Granny Smith

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