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A young woman's plan to have a romantic night with her boyfriend gets off to a bad start.
Twenty-one year old Natasha Jackson had invited her boyfriend Craig over for a romantic night in and just about finished getting everything ready.

The curvaceous brunette was putting on her short black dress but was shocked to discover that it just wouldn't fit.

"Come on,you fit just fine two weeks ago,why won't you fit now," said Natasha as she desperately tripped to pull the dress over her curvaceous hips and bubble butt as she realised that her love of biscuits and takeaways had come back to haunt her.

Finally giving up,she then put on another slightly less glamourous short red dress with a denim jacket over the top of it.

Natasha admired herself in the mirror and frowned upon seeing her backside and said, "Wow,my butt is really getting big,I really needed to start using that gym membership."

The young woman then heard the phone and ran downstairs to answer it but accidentally tripped over her cat Boots.

"Oh my god,I'm so sorry,boy," said Natasha as she hugged him before getting the phone and discovered that it was her best friend Laura as the two talked for several minutes until she suddenly heard the smoke alarm going off.

She quickly said goodbye to Laura and rushed into the kitchen and removed her chocolate cake from the oven but was horrified to discover that it was burnt.

"I can't believe this,I spent nearly three hours on that cake," said the young brunette as she then quickly used as much frosting as she could to cover up the burnt cake.

She then suddenly heard the door bell and ran to answer it but the back of her dress got caught on the kitchen door handle.

"This can't be happening," said Natasha as she grabbed onto the dress and pulled and pulled with all her strength until it suddenly came free just as Craig opened the front door,causing her to go flying into him as the two ended up in a heap on the carpet.

"Oh my god,I'm so sorry," said the young woman as she helped him back to her feet.
"I'm happy to see you too," said the young man.

The two then kissed and hugged before they sat down as Natasha served dinner.

After the two were finishing up eating,Craig said, "That was delicious,I can't wait for dessert."

Natasha replied, "Me too," with an awkward smile which turned into a laugh as her boyfriend jokingly smacked her behind.

She then went into the kitchen and cut the cake,giving each of them a large peice and said, "I hope it's ok, it might too well done," as she put the plates on the table.

"I'm sure,it's great," said the young man as he then took a large bite before saying ,"this is incredible."

The young brunette smiled and ate her peice as well before giving a peice to Boots to apologise for earlier.

After the couple were finished eating,Natasha said, "I've got a present for you," as she then bent over before suddenly hearing a RIP sound.

She then discovered that the back of her dress had ripped,giving her boyfriend an incredible view of her bubble butt which was barely covered by a pink thong.

She then grabbed the bag with the gift inside as Craig opened the box inside the bag,which was a beautiful watch he had wanted for a long time.

"Thank you for this,but I think my present for you might top that," said the young man as he then got down on one knee and proposed to her.

"Yes,yes,a thousand times yes," said Natasha as she hugged and kissed him before he put the engagement ring on her finger.

"I see you're already slightly undressed," joked Craig as he grabbed her backside where the dress was torn before picking her up and carried upstairs to the bedroom as she joked, "I guess tonight turned out all right after all," as the two then began laughing.

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