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Shiva and Kali, deities, confer with Irish figures to evaluate media focus on democracy.
Shiva, supreme god of destruction, was meditating on his snowy mountaintop in the Himalayas and began brooding about the troubles between the Irish Republican Army and the British Parliament since the days of the Easter Rising. The Irish had wrought independence from the ambitious British Empire under the leadership of Michael Collins, but Ireland as a whole was partitioned into Dublin's Ireland and Belfast's Northern Ireland, with the North remaining a part of the British rule since the area was inhabited mostly by British Protestants who'd settled and lived there for generations, with only an Irish Catholic minority living alongside them. This partition was not considered ideal by many Irish sentimentalists who decided to declare an ongoing war with the British, claiming that they'd lost Belfast due to a questionable population demographics arguments based on profit-based early era colonialism. Lord Shiva was meditating on how the enduring was over Northern Ireland not only gave rise to the more radical and dangerous Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) but also led to generations of more 'troubles' between British Protestants and Irish Catholics.

Shiva considered how this ongoing political tension in the United Kingdom (UK) had culminated in continuous skirmishes between PIRA and the Parliament, leading to worries that the troubled region of Earth would never find satisfying peace. Shiva considered other human civilization troubles on Earth such as the rebellion of the Algerian FLN against the French colonial occupation, the problems with civil rights towards African-Americans in the USA, and the communist controversy surrounding Castro's post-communist Cuba. Shiva weighed these problems against the one he was now focusing on, the troubles surrounding Belfast (Northern Ireland). Shiva concluded that if British Protestants and Irish Catholics didn't find a worthy solution to their problems in Northern Ireland, then Sinn Fein, the political and legal wing of the IRA led by Gerry Adams who sought to prevent Parliament from criminalizing the Irish argument and labeling it as irresolvable modern terrorism.

Shiva realized that the question of PIRA passion and Parliament criterion would strain relations between the two dominant Christian sects on Earth, Protestantism and Catholicis. Shiva wondered how the 2020 Coronavirus global pandemic and quarantine tribulation, which forced people to stay safe indoors to prevent the spread of the deadly virus COVID-19 and work and study and even play through online media resources (i.e., Internet) would affect people's views on politics presentation in 21st Century media. Would Internet news services and forums cater to productive democratic dialogue during the global quarantine? Shiva worried that such quarantine stress would aggravate tenable roundtable talks between Sinn Fein and the Parliament. Shiva wondered if he should somehow intercede during this Coronavirus tribulation.

Shiva decided to confer with his goddess wife Kali, ministress of anarchy and terrorism. Kali, a mighty and fiery messenger of social governance, agreed with Lord Shiva that the media pressures created by the 2020 Coronavirus quarantine tribulation might unhinge table talks between British Protestants and Irish Catholics in Belfast (Northern Ireland). Shiva and Kali decided to meet with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams and PIRA executive general Thomas Collins outside Belfast to discuss media angles of democratic dialogue Parliament and hopefully increase sympathy towards inter-religious communions between Protestants and Catholics. Shiva and Kali knew that more media attention to lifestyle politics issues during the Coronavirus quarantine would boost human interest in UK free-speech rhetoric.

SHIVA: People must enjoy access to inter-religious forums.
KALI: We don't want sectarianism to be boosted by executives.
ADAMS: This is a time of great socialization paranoia.
COLLINS: Parliament is itchy about Belfast brigades.

SHIVA: Perhaps American news services can enhance free-speech.
KALI: What's wrong with political poetry?
ADAMS: Parliament considers quarantine a bureaucratic normality.
COLLINS: Radical journalists could make matters tense.

SHIVA: Let's advocate media angles towards youth education.
KALI: Yes, schools online can offer perspective on mediation.
ADANS: Parliament respects Sinn Fein efforts towards quarantine.
COLLINS: We shouldn't promote liberal army flags without standards.

SHIVA: Maybe Easter arts online can encourage commerce.
KALI: Yes, festive consumerism keeps the quarantine sane.
ADAMS: I'll confer with Parliament about inter-religious histories.
COLLINS: We might see Protestant-Catholic media maps!

SHIVA: This kind of socialization imagination is excellent.
KALI: Let's be sure to recruit women's voices for this media solution.
ADAMS: Yes, the media is the right-arm of modernism philosophy.
COLLINS: I'll confer with my agents about new age scholasticism!

"To Be Continued..."
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