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Love in the age of Coronavirus
What We Never Had

Social distancing rules
Left us farther apart.
But closer together,
You zoomed into my heart

Alone when this started
So new to this city
Thought I'd wander around
Not drown in self-pity.

The stores were all shuttered
Except those essential
You worked at the grocery
Which seemed providential.

Your eyes were what caught me
Laughing eyes, and so kind
Though scared, I still lingered
We were both of one mind.

You gave me your number
And I called the next day
I was nervous at first
You knew just what to say.

The weeks went by quickly
My heart beat much faster
As I dreamed of your touch
No dreams of disaster.

Then you started coughing
Couldn't go into work.
I wanted to see you
But the virus still lurked.

Useless phone in my hand
I can't make any sense
Of the news I just heard
Of you in the past tense.

I never once held you
Never kissed your sweet lips
But I'll always feel you
As my heart slowly rips.

Line count: 36

Form: The Yama (named for the Hindi god of death)
1. stanzaic, written in any number of quatrains.
2. syllabic, written in 6 syllable lines.
3. rhymed, rhyme scheme x a x a, x being unrhymed.
4. a poem of death, grief or sorrow. It can be expanded to include simply a poem of loss. (even of a season)
5. titled.

Written for Round 71 of the Oriental Poetry Contest 
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