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Letting off steam about issues, inconsiderate, people in elected office
Let's be clear residents, food acquisition and distribution as well as other basic life necessities have been garnered and distributed by Mount Rainier and its partners.

The County through the County Executive's office provided the hook-up for the hot meals from World Central Kitchens (WCK) and helped the City acquire 100 rolls of toilet paper.

The YMCA has delivered weekly produce for distribution, and the City's partnership with Cottage City has provided perishables including meat and produce, and non-perishables.

Our City's corporate partners have provided masks, diapers, toilet paper, and more than $4,000.00 to help with food and other items to support City residents.

In addition, the County social services have provided supportive services to residents in distress, e.g., Medicaid, transportation, and other services at rapid speed. Thanks to the County Executive's office.

Where are our representatives in donations, contributions, or other services? Nowhere to be found. Not an election year for them.

Oh, I am sorry, they have piggy-backed on phone calls, sent out second-hand information that was already being provided by County Executive Alsobrooks and the Governor's office.

Many of our small businesses have not gotten a dime to help them stay open, yet everybody is talking about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stimulus packages. Most residents have not gotten the promised unemployment checks, and yeah you got it, some of those first stimulus checks have not arrived either.

I have heard folks say for years that they prefer living in the unincorporated areas of Prince George's County because they do not have to pay City taxes. Well, if you are not in the northern area of the County, you may wish that you were in one of the incorporated areas because the mayors and other elected officials are scrambling every single day to provide services, maintain status quo and keep residents safe. Resources are being diverted to the northern area and scraps are being thrown to the rest of the County.

Our CERT Team has held food drives. Some of our faith-based partners have made donations and are still working to help the City meet its human needs.

Without the partnerships and the leadership of your Mayor and Council, Mount Rainier would have gone neglected during this pandemic -- no food, no masks, no toilet paper, no hand sanitizers, etc. Some of us didn't need it, don't need it now, and will not need it if the pandemic lasts for another five years.

HOWEVER, many of us do, and whether we do or not, we elected people to represent us in the good times and the bad times. And, all of us should be asking "WHERE ARE THEY?" What are they doing for us, here in Mount Rainier?

So, the next time one of you wish to call and ask me what I am doing besides staying in my house, I suggest you call you PAID ELECTED OFFICIALS -- the $17,000.00 County Council Representatives, your State, and Federal representatives who get the really big bucks and lucrative deals so that by the time they leave office they are millionaires.

When they respond to your calls and requests, then they can join Mount Rainier when we say that we are in this together!

Until then, lose my phone number!
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