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A poem in memory of my son, who passed away in 2016. These words just came to mind.
I walk every day wishing,
wishing that I could have held you.
Not for a moment but a lifetime,
and that's what I'd forever do.

It is beyond painful to know,
experience tries to reduce the pain.
That mercy is always rejected,
as reality took your life in vain.

You deserved a father,
who could vanquish any and all,
against an invisible threat my son,
as your father I did fall.

Tears is all I have to offer,
to a love that cannot hear there meaning.
Others speak of cherishing the moments,
but on the inside I am still screaming.

These are not screams of anguish my son,
that is the farthest from the truth.
For we continue to crave you in our lives,
you'd be our little pirate and us your able crew.

Star that is what you're called,
in the heavens I pray where you are.
A hope in the darkness seemingly so small,
Though not as distant, not so far.

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