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When her daughter's teddy bear gets stuck in elevator door,her mother tries to pull it out
Twenty-seven year old Heather Jackson had just gotten off the elevator with her seven year old daughter Tiffany and was walking away when she suddenly heard a cry and turned around and that the head of her daughter's teddy bear was stuck in the elevator door.

The young woman ran over to Tiffany and hugged her and was able to calm her down and said, "Don't worry darling,mummy will get teddy free."

Heather then grabbed onto the teddy bear while her daughter pulled the hem of her skirt as the two pulled and pulled with all their strength but still the elevator door just wouldn't let go.

The young blond's best friend Anna then arrived and was more than happy to help pull as she grabbed onto Heather's waist,who pulled the bear as her daughter pulled the hem of Anna's dress.

The trio pulled and pulled with all their might but still the bear just refused to budge.

A young couple named Shane and Sinead saw the strange sight and offered to help pull.

A chain was then formed as Heather pulled the teddy bear,Anna pulled her best friend's waist while Shane pulled Anna's legs and Sinead pulled her husband's belt as Tiffany pulled the hem of Sinead's skirt.

"All right everyone,heave," said the young woman as the five pulled,tugged and heaved with all their strength on the teddy bear as several passers-by looked on in disbelief until finally,a POP sound was heard.

The teddy bear flew out of the elevator door at last and was caught by an overjoyed Tiffany as the four adults tumbled backwards into a heap on the floor.

The young girl ran over and hugged her mother and then everyone else before thanking everyone for helping her free her teddy bear.

"It's was no problem," said Simon and Sinead as everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation before going their separate ways.
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