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I try to think before I speak. I ask myself is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? Not everyone shares the same values or looks at life in the same way. We all have our own story and opinions. If I have something to add to a conversation its best for me to go threw these questions. Alas, more often than not, my comment is ignored or passed over. If, by chance, I have been able to interest someone, educate someone or make someone smile, I feel as though I have accomplished something. These days however, I find myself quiet. More so than usual, since I tend to be that way anyway. Many of the things I have to share, though important or funny to me, seem to be overlooked by many. This tends to make me an introvert who enjoys the company of my dogs rather than people. I know that there are many others that understand but our tendency to stay silent leaves us wondering alone. Not always lonely but missing a part of the world that can only be shared through human companionship. This is what I struggle with recently. I feel as though this world was meant to be shared and I am just walking through it alone. (with my dogs)
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