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by Jolanh
Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2222193
You read the title right?
Once upon a time, a great hero played Yahtzee. So great was his skill in the game, they called him the Ivory Lord. His special dice throw, the Ivory Tower, was learned in the Himalayas. The monks honed their Yahtzee skills, dedicating years to finding their inner Yahtz. Yahtz is spiritual dice throwing power.

The Ivory Lords Rival, the undead Boxman, learned the darkest arts of Yahtz. He bested the Ivory Lord using his full house of tombstones ability. The Ivory Lord died from the fatal attack. His dice, Heavens Counters, were lost in the currents of time. Boxman has dominated ever since, and his power grows.

Chō-Han Bakuchi scowled as he paid the tax collector an outrageous sum. "We just paid last week," he said while his spiky hair waved in the wind. He adjusted his fingerless gloves and raised his goggles to the top of his head.

The tax collector laughed, "You know how this works kid, challenge me, and your family is off the hook. If you win, I pay your taxes for the next two years. If I win, your life and land belong to me. You will serve as my chambermaid."

"But I'm a boy."

"When I own you, I decide what you are."

Cho-Han dramatically clenched his jaw and growled. His fists balled at his sides. Trusting the tax collector would be foolish. Cho-han didn't have the skill or the dice set to win. He couldn't leave his sick mother to take care of the farm all by herself. She was his only surviving relative. She lived a pure and simple life and was loved by all like any anime mom was.

While he tended the garden, he found a mysterious golden bag. He shook the bag furiously and it began to glow. He dropped it in shock and hid behind a tree. The bag thrummed and pulsated mysterious energy. He opened the bag and found five perfect Ivory cubes with numbers on them. He knew what they were, A Yahtzee set.

"You are chosen. Find your inner Yahtz," an unseen voice said.

"But mom..."

"She has had her roll of the dice. You are the only one who can beat the Undead Boxman. The dice may be loaded in his favor, but you will play with hope, courage, and conviction. People will rally around you and help you along the way."

Ch-Han Bakuchi held his fist up with a determined look in his eyes. "I will become the master of the Five Knuckle Shuffle and defeat Boxman."

He sat down and spoke with his mother. Her pallid skin and sweaty brow told Cho-han she would die soon. "Go. Become the greatest in Yahtzee's history. My time is short, and I can't take care of you. Like all anime parents, I am okay with you going on a dangerous journey to save the world," She paused and coughed, "Find your uncle in Honemachi city. He has a Yahtzee dojo there. If anyone can help you find your inner yahtz, it will be him.

So Cho-Han, packed his meager belongings and headed off to Honemachi City
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