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A young girl gets restless during a pandemic

“You talk of freedom but what does freedom really mean,” said Mya as she looked into her father’s eyes.

Mya was an eighteen year old student who lived with her parents in New York City and hated every minute of it. She was livid with her parents Della and Ray Boman, for not allowing her to leave the house. Her father literally had her on lockdown because the world was suffering from a terrible pandemic.

Now most of her friends were given freedom but her family was not having it. They knew how dangerous that disease was and they knew how absent minded their daughter could be. She would likely wind up bringing that mess right back into their household and they just couldn’t chance it.

Ray Boman looked into his daughter’s eyes and said, “Mya you know how forgetful and careless you can be. We can’t have you out there knowing you’ll wear no mask or gloves, and you won’t practice safe distancing. What’s going on out there is serious and I really need for you to understand that. People are dying every minute and we need to do our part and practice safety when we go out. Now until this thing dies down your freedom is on hold! Oh, by the way, in this case you earn your freedom by showing responsibility and as for its meaning, look it up. I know you know the meaning but look it up anyway.”

Mya looked at her father and stormed away headed for her room. As the tears fell from her eyes she wished she could just leave her parents house.

As time went by, Mya’s friends who had been running around outside without protection, were dying. She became devastated and afraid.

One night she came to her father and said, “Daddy, I thank you for keeping me safe and inside. Maybe I wasn’t ready to go out into the world at the time but I certainly understand the seriousness of it all. A lot of my friends have passed away because of this and I now understand the seriousness of it all. Masks and gloves will be worn whenever we decide that I can go out.

"Don't forget safe distancing," said her mom.

"Yes mom, safe distancing too!"

Mya stared at her father, gave him a solemn hug and kiss goodnight and retired to her bedroom.

She lay on her bed, buried her face in her pillow, and cried for the friends she lost until she fell asleep.

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