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Those who keep us free and secure.
Old Glory remains the red, white and blue
from brothers and sisters close by her side;
one nation kept safe where freedom rings true
by brave men and women serving with pride.

This safety we know begins with a gun--
armed forces take aim lest enemies brag;
the blanket they spread is mightily spun
insuring each day a fine waving flag.

Our Army prevailed through dust in Iraq
as tough Abrams Tanks excelled on the ground;
and armed helicopters capped the attack
with sidewinder missiles enemy bound.

Across the blue main our Navy does sail
despite the attack Pearl Harbor did feel;
but places like Midway saw it prevail
with battleship strength and carrier keel.

  (And whether world wars or middle east strife
  there are those who kill and do not think twice;
  the many that served have given their life
  so ever they live for their sacrifice.)

High up in the air the Air Force has reign
with B-52s still active today;
in jungles of Nam or Baghdad terrain
the sorties they serve keep terror at bay.

The U.S. Marines (in leatherneck pride),
from Guadalcanal to shores of Kuwait,
deploy from the sea with their, “Semper Fi”
intent with the goal of keeping us safe.

Its motto remains be ever prepared
as stewards of river, coastline and shore;
and maritime search and rescue declared,
the Coast Guard attends America‘s door.

  (Defending a nation comes with a cost
    like liberty lost from mortared platoon;
    and down to the bone a threshold is crossed
    as many Veterans live with their wound.)

So whether a ship or black Army boot,
You talk of freedom, the home of the brave;
for each serving soul we give a salute
right next to the flag, forever to wave.

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