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For the Writer’s Cramp 5/19
You talk of freedom
and the rights of men
about how they trample on your rights
and suffocate your liberties—
“Down with tyranny!” I hear you say

But I can’t even take a jog
through your neighborhood
and I can’t kneel in protest
and I can’t play with a toy gun
or eat a bag of skittles
while wearing a hoodie
on my way home

Yeah, you talk of freedom
and you cite the laws of the land
“The founding fathers said this! And
the founding fathers said that!”

But I ain’t free
not when I got
BBQ Becky in my face
and Permit Patty playing police
Pool Patrol Paula won’t leave me in peace

Yeah, you talk about freedom
you carry your guns and you make your demands
waving signs of discontent, highlighting your torment:
“Live free or die, you bastards! Live free or die!”

But I ain’t got no choice
not even when my hands are up
or when I can’t breathe
or when I don’t even have a gun

Yeah, you talk of freedom
you cry about being free
but your freedom and your liberty
that don’t apply to me
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