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idk man, a post--war world?
Nothing changed.
Everything's the same.
No one trusts anyone anymore. On one side,it's a society full of people who are anything but human.On the other, it's a society of people who lean on each other to survive. Doctors, nurses, medical staff everywhere running around to save anyone who could potentially be saved. One of the rebels was a war soldier from the government. One that won all of the rebels hearts. The war rebels had humanity, a heart, unlike the cold soldiers of war. In their uniforms,the soldiers are nothing but weapons of the rich who give themselves the luxury of bossing over people who don't need to be bossed. Ownership of this paper we call money can definitely give you a big head. Tiago, at least that's what we think his name is, destroyed the camp point Alpha. Alpha is ,and always was, the heart of all rebel refugee camps. Alpha is where we get all our food supplies from. I can imagine the scene as survivors retell the tale. Rumours of Tiago were welcomed and admired at first and now he's hated even more than the richest. The rebel capital is now moved to Pretoria, where we camp. All I've known my whole life is running away. And I might not be done running after all.
'Pack your bags kids.We're leaving.'
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