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Busy lone Geek adores his robot vacuum that relieves his boredom of weekend cleaning !

I love you and adore

Roomba my robot vacuum

Weekends became a nightmare

Why at all dust and mite collect all through the house,

Trouble me with allergy, coughs and colds

They settle all over the floor, making it untidy,

I had to slog cleaning them every weekend

The slog spoiled my free time to enjoy.

Uh, it was a boring job I had to do,

To clean my house free of dust and tick

Roomba, you entered in, to clean my house free of dust and mite,

They vanished like the scent in ether open to air,

You reinstated my free time on weekends and holidays,

To breathe clean fresh air and fragrance

To enjoy free time care free with friends and loved ones

You cleaned my house, made it a home,

Cleaned better than manual cleaning

Made it a home to live in,

Clean home, free of dust and tick.

You filled joy and freshness

To my weekend free of slog and boredom,

To enjoy the day with fun and frolic,

I love and adore your work that,

Fun and joy returned to my weekends

I like the way you work

Like a clock so programmed punctual

You clean most nooks and corners,

Like human you clean with caution

Round articles of obstruction

Intelligent Like human you are,

You spot dust and tick, suck them clean

Fill your belly sack hidden,

Clever enough not to spill over

You strike work when your belly's full.

You alert me purge your belly of the dust and tick

To make it clean and empty

To resume work afresh next,

I love you dear you are very smart,

You go to sleep on your own,

Plug in yourself to charge till next round,

Obey the program I decide and write,

You're punctual on dot you start

Not a praise, you are punctual indeed

You treat alike dust or tick

Fiber, paper or wire that you encounter

You treat them all alike

You don't discriminate the way humans do,

You are impartial to one and all of them,

You suck clean them all alike

You devour electric wires or fabric

That are kept on ground!

You taught me keep them safe

Out of reach for you to avoid damage,

A lesson like a teacher taught

I appreciate your punctuality,

I appreciate your devotion to duty

You do the job be there any to chase or not.

A perfect companion to rely upon,

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