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Flash Fiction 5-19-20 W/C 299

A Little Trip

‘This train is going Nowhere! Get on board now!’

“Well, that’s the worst slogan I’ve ever seen. Who wants to go on a trip to Nowhere?” George walked out the door.

“I think right now a trip to Nowhere sounds really good. Let’s go.” Jane pulled George back through the door.

Jane and George argued about a trip for a week before they decided to go to the train station and buy tickets for the first train leaving. Wild and crazy, yes, but they were wild and crazy after two months in the house.

“Two tickets to Nowhere, please.” Jane gave her credit card to the ticket agent. The agent was dressed like an astronaut. All that was missing was the space helmet and air tank.

“You’re wasting our money, Jane. We’re already nowhere. We’ll get on the train and it will just sit there. I’ll sit there for a day or so, like a big rock, then we’ll get off, go back home. What fun will that be?”

Tickets in hand, Jane led George to the train. “At least we can say we went on a train trip this spring as planned.”

The couple headed to car #9, as indicated on the ticket. George hauled the bags into the car which was packed with travelers.

“See, others are as crazy as us. Where do you want to sit?” There were no assignments on the tickets, so George picked two seats near the middle.

“Here, in case of an accident, it’s best to be in the middle. I want the window.”

The loudspeaker yelled out a message. “Attention passengers. The train to Nowhere will be leaving in approximately……. minutes. Be sure you have ….. with you. Our arrival in …..Nowhere will be .…”

The train left the station, the doors locked.

W/C 299
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