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A little effort in finding enjoyment of motherhood

In lockdown, we elders can understand the gravity of the situation, kids can't. Like me, all mothers of youngsters might be going through the same situation as we can read our little ones minds, but we are feeling helpless for being so strict to them.

As a result, law and order situation deteriorates in our home as kids fight with each other. I have two kids of aged 2.8 years and 11 years and I can't make them sit at one place for few minutes. These boys are inseparable- they share same room, play with same toys (albeit their age gap!). However, being agreed to each other's point is a rare event in their play. At times, I feel that all international treaties like Geneva Convention to Simla Agreement had been done more easily than to getting these kids play together, peacefully. At times I feel totally exhausted but I shouldn't be so.

Today, I have stumbled upon an idea. I have taken out some old paintings and sketch of mine and have kept these paintings in front of the boys. Then, I have told them to see and tell me which one is the best. To my surprise, the plan has worked successfully. They sit at one place for an hour and have checked those paintings thoroughly and have given me their valuable opinions on my art work.

Believe me, I too have felt excited as I have never got such innocent and honest critics in my life. My elder son has some ideas about paintings, so I have taken his opinion seriously but amusingly my younger son, who can now construct a sentence with two to maximum three words, has given his opinion too. On picking up one painting with his hand, the one he has liked said "eta valo" with due seriousness (!) which means "this one is good" and the one he hasn't liked simply has pointed out as "potty" .... Well, I need not to say what he has meant by that!

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