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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2222324
A young man gets himself stuck in an awkward position on his wedding day and needs help.
Twenty-five year old William Watson was in his hotel room twenty minutes before his wedding when he accidentally tripped over his own feet and watched in horror as his phone flew out of a rather small square window onto the grass outside.

The young man was 6'4,230 pounds,had short black hair and green eyes covered by glasses.
He wore a dark blue shirt with a black tie,a black blazer jacket over the top of it and grey trousers.

William ran over to the window and stuck his hands through the window but still his phone was just out of his reach.

He then decided to go through the window and put his concerns about whether he would fit given it's rather small size to the back of his mind.

The young man stuck his head through and after a brief struggle,his entire top half was soon through,leaving only his hips,behind and legs sticking out,giving anyone who saw him an incredible view of his lower half.

William soon found his phone and put it in his jacket pocket before finding a red rose,his fiancee's favourite flower and put it in his other pocket before trying to back out of the window but was shocked to discover that he couldn't.

"Maybe that big breakfast and piece of vanilla cheesecake actually was a mistake," said the young man as he placed his hands against the window frame and pushed and pushed with all his might but still it just refused to release it's grip on him.

The now concerned and slightly frustrated William then tried to push and wiggle himself free again,even putting his right foot against the wall inside for more leverage but still he just wouldn't budge and was hit the realisation that he was in fact stuck.

"Oh,it's no use,I can't believe I'm actually stuck on today of all days," said the young man as he then thought about what to next when he suddenly heard a knock at the front and was horrified to hear the voice of his fiancee Mary.

"William,are you all right,I heard you struggling,do you need my help," said Mary, who received a yes but don't freak out in response.

The curvaceous blond wearing a red dress with white spots,black tights and a black blazer jacket over the top of it opened the door and burst into laughter when she saw her fiance's predicament.

"I don't think you were trying to jilt me considering if you were,you would have chosen a much bigger window," joked Mary as she jokingly smacked his backside.

The humiliated William then explained the situation before saying, "Mary,could you please pull me out?"
"Of course,I can,plus I know that my big butt wouldn't fit through there either," said the young blond as she then grabbed onto his hips and pulled and pulled with all her strength.

"OW,OW,come on bebe,I want to get out of here, put your back into it," said the young man.
"I'm trying honey,it's easier than it sounds," said Mary, who felt like she was pulling a tree stump that was rooted into the ground until she lost her grip and tumbled onto the carpet.

"Oh,it's no good,you just won't budge,I'll go and get help,don't go anywhere," joked the young blond .
"No,,really, I was planning to go and get a sandwich," said William sarcastically before hearing his fiancee laughing as she left the room.

Mary soon returned with her fiance's best friend Jacob,her own best friends Sarah and Stephanie and Stephanie's daughter Lilly as the newcomers burst into laughter when they saw the young man's predicament.

The young blond then grabbed onto his hips and said, "Come on everyone,grab hold," as Jacob pulled her waist while Sarah pulled his belt ,Stephanie pulled Sarah's waist while Lilly pulled the hem of her mother's dress.

"All right everyone,heave," said Mary as the tug of war with the window over her fiance began.
"OW,that really hurts," said the young man as he still wouldn't move a single inch.
"Heave," said the young blond as everyone began pulling even harder.
"OW,bebe,this isn't going to work,you're going to yank me in half," said the William as the window still refused to let him leave.
"Come on everyone,we can actually do this,really put your backs into it,heave," said Mary, who placed her feet against the wall for more leverage as everyone pulled,tugged and heaved with all their strength until finally,a POP sound was heard.

The young man was pulled from the window at last,sending everyone tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet.
"Thank goodness for that," said the young man as he hugged and kissed his fiancee before hugging everyone else and thanked them for rescuing him.

He and Jacob then went to the alter with Lilly while Mary briefly looked at the window as Sarah and Stephanie said, "Don't even think about it" as the three began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they prepare to walk down the aisle.

The wedding then went off without a hitch with the happy couple now having been married for more than five years as Mary still jokes that one of her favourite pictures of the day is one that she took of her husband's predicament.

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