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So, it's another flash fiction. It's not perfect but I hate life so..deal with it.

He looked down at the blood running down his light grey shirt. The knife stabbed him in the front to the side just below his ribs. He fell to his knees. He was losing too much blood. Looking up at his stabber, he squinted his eyes.The fire around them created a halo around whoever stabbed him. Who stabbed him?

''I had to do the right thing. Please, understand Diego. I--have to go.''

Diego's whole world crushed around him the moment he realized. Diego couldn't speak. He knew that voice. He also knew the pain of betrayal. He never thought in a million years that he would have to connect betrayal to the voice of someone he held so close. He looked down at his wound, his whole self trembling. He pulled out the dagger. Blood gushed out. He was getting dizzy.

''Why would you...''

He wasn't ashamed of the tears that fell. He was afraid of his friend and that stabbed his heart over and over. He was afraid of him and in so much confusion.

''Goodbye, brother''

Diego didn't stop him. He wouldn't stop him. He just wanted to know why. He wanted to be alone. He didn't want to live anymore. His parents ran around him, his mother in tears, his father rushing to get him help. He couldn't feel anything but the consistent, sharp pain of betrayal. He was numb all over. Until he looked back at the direction in which his betrayer had escaped. He saw him looking right back. His eyes showing no fear and shame but rather pride. Dropping his head, he turned around and Diego hoped he would never see him again.

Tiago dropped his head in the shadow of the forest. He knew what he had done was unforgivable. Nevertheless, he had to do it. It was his duty. He couldn't just abandon his duty. Surely Diego would understand--in time. Hopefully, his younger brother would be sensible enough. Tiago was exceptionally the ideal role model to Diego. One day Diego would grow up to be exactly like him, following his footsteps. One day.
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