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Can you love somebody you ain't know?
"Its 10:45, Jenny"...Maggie said enthusiastically- "Its 10:45"...

Maggie works at a corner coffee shop. Everyday at the same time, a young man comes in- He comes in with the same demeanor, the same smile, and orders the same thing...

And Maggie notices each time.

Thing about Maggie is, shes as shy as sapphires- The ONLY reason that she knows his name, is because shes been writing it on his cup for months...She's been saying his name in her head double the amount...She calls him "Gabe," but writes "Gabriel" on his cup. THIS is flirting to her- Noone ever said she was good at it...She watches the young man she's been in love with for months walk into her life everyday, and walk out of her life in five minutes.


"D*mnit Maggie, just say SOMETHING to him," Jenny growls as she rolls her eyes. "I will," Maggie says defensively- Then under her breath she whimpers, "just not today." As Jenny comes from the stock room with cups, he walks in. Maggie hurries to position at the register, perky and attentive...

"Hi, Gabe! The usual?" He puts his call on hold, and sits his phone on the counter...Maggie melts at the direct attention-
"Yes, Maggie...How are you?" As Maggie fumbles the cups as well as her words, she ill places a response- "I love your shirt." DEEP down inside, she wants to scream "I LOVE YOU!" Gabe smiles at her in a way to indirectly highlight her flirting, then says: "I love your hair." Jenny behind her can't contain her thoughts and blurts out: "OMG Maggie! Are you blind?! Hes"...Maggie turns around, glares at her, and says through her gritted teeth- "No, I can see fine...Shut...Up." She turns around embarrassed as if her unmentionables blew off of a clothes line. Jenny hands her a cup, and Maggie writes his name on it- Her stomach starts to turn, and her hand shakes as she writes it different this time...She dots the "i" in Gabriel with a heart, fills the cup, and quickly hands it to him. He sips the cup without looking, smiles and leaves.
Jenny unimpressed by the action walks up to her- "WHY didn't you say something to him?!" "I DID," Maggie insists. "I dotted the i with a heart." Jenny shakes her head- "Hes not going to notice that, hes a guy...Guys NEVER notice stuff like that." Maggie wipes the counter and smiles- "Yes he will."
The next day at 10:45 Gabriel doesn't show, and Maggie PANICS- "Hes avoiding me now, Jenny! I never shouldve done anything." Jenny tries to console her, "hes probably busy or something...Girl, calm down"...Jenny then walks to the back of the store murmuring at the ridiculousness of the "crisis."

The next day, no show from Gabriel. Then another day, and so on. Maggie is heart broken. She "decides" to move on, but anxiously waits for him at 10:45.

Gabriel walks in a week later.

He's not the confident, smiling guy that charmed Maggie before. He looks as if at any time hes going to RUN. He doesnt hold eye contact, or anything. Maggie breaks the ice: "I love your cologne," she says petrified. "Um thanks," he replies. She thinks to herself, "its now or never, and he may never come in here again"- She goes for it: "Did I do something wrong? This may sound stupid, but I thought you were avoiding me. I'm sorry if I was forward with the heart thing." Gabriel sits his cup down and tries to control his breathing- "I HAVE been avoiding you"...

Maggies heart drops-

"Why?" Maggie asks in a broken tone. "Well, because....Ive had this crush on you for MONTHS, and I've been scared to say anything. When I saw the heart on my cup, I got even more scared." Maggie is trying SO hard to talk louder than the sound of her heart beating- "Scared of WHAT," she asks.
Gabriel goes for it: "Scared to say: I love you."

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