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From the deep end an idea sprouts
A whisper, a tug towards a thought,
Rebirth, recreation was sought.
Towards the voice without an owner,
A quarrel over something never thought over.
A hope, a light,
Past all the fight.
Drowning the thickening madness,
A blanket of suffocating darkness
A haze of misery and aguish.

Sitting in silence,
Waiting to strike,
Through hatred and heartache.
Anger for what never happened,
A life forgotten,
Torn into two.
Leaving a life of everything
To chase nothing.
Through memories
Inner sorrows breaks free
Twisting left though grief,
Then right brushing passed tears.
Agony and regret bundle to cry out
Clearer than the light of day.
Ashamed for existing
Embarrassed for living
Regretting going where no man enters.
Building up to destruction.

Two transforms,
Happiness no more
The subtle voices yearn to reform.
No lessons for silence is gold.
An endless cycle to live unbound
Broken amongst those found,
Of recycle and restructure,
Of pain and disjuncture
Always coming back to step one.
Afraid to move on,
Scared to make peace,
With what never existed.
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