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The history of Play-Doh dates back to the 1930's & was originally designed for another use
         The story of Play-Doh dates all the way back to the early 1930's. Way back then Play-Doh was originally designed for use as a wallpaper cleaner. Back in those days the majority of homes were heated with coal fires. By the end of the Winter the amount of soot really started to cling to the interior walls of houses. So the idea of Play-Doh came about, where it was simply rolled over the walls and the soot clung to it without marking up the beautiful delicate wallpaper under it. There were no vinyl or washable wallpaper back in those days, and Play-Doh became a staple for Spring cleaning.

         It wasn't until a point in the 1950s that Play-Doh entered into the toy world. In 1955 Play-Doh was introduced into to the class rooms as an alternative to the sometimes too messy modeling clay which could be difficult to deal with. Soon schools everywhere were using the non-toxic Play-Doh modeling compound. Play-Doh was also re-usable for future school projects, and all a teacher had to do was store it in an airtight container. Storing Play-Doh in an airtight container in a refrigerator is the best way for storage if possible.

         Originally Play-Doh only came in the color white, but by 1957 the colors red, blue, and yellow were added to the line up. Since that time Play-Doh has been made softer and many more colors have been added to the line up. Some of the colors even glow in the dark and contain glitter in them. There have been a number of additional products like the Play-Doh fun factory that have been developed around this colorful toy. In 1998 Play-Doh was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, and in 2003 it made it onto the Toy Associations - Century of Toy's List, with the top 100 toys of the last century. That's a pretty big deal!

         Since 1956 over 950 million pounds of Play-Doh have been squished and squashed between little hands. That's more than 2 billion cans of this fascinating toy. Play-Doh is very popular with children in the world today, and really lets their imagination run wild. It can be made into a little cat, dog or another pretend animal today, and reworked tomorrow into a cupcake for a tea party. Play-Doh is easy to work into different shapes, and there really isn't anything that you can't create from Play-Doh. Parents love Play-Doh as well, because it's easily cleans up, and you don't have to keep buying more since it's reusable.

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