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Flash Fiction - 5-20-20. W/C 149


“That’s it. I’ve had it. Dennis is living up to his name. I want him gone.” Bill sat back in his chair. He snapped the paper and disappeared behind the daily news.

“Be reasonable. He’s just a baby. He’ll grow out of it.”

“You sure did give him a good name. ‘Dennis the Menace’ indeed.”

I petted the thirty pound bundle of fur at my feet. Dennis is a goldendoodle with long blonde hair. The cutest thing on four legs. At four months, he’s chewing everything in sight.

“I tell you, Janeen, I’ve had it. Shoes, clothes, plastic, that puppy chews anything that doesn’t bite him back. But chewing the book, that shows he is just vindictive. He has to go. It’s him or me. Make your choice.”

Hmm. That was a hard choice. I had to be reasonable.

I hope Bill is happy. Wherever he is.

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