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Todd from Beaumont, Texas's Story
This story takes place in the late 80's at a place called the Bethlehem Ship Yard on Pleasure Island in Port Arthur Tx.

"On a dry dock that was like 1,000 feet long and a hundred feet wide, it was a dry dock and it came from Pearl Harbor. We repaired various sized ships and rigs. Now, this particular ship was In Pearl Harbor the day Japan struck. This dry dock was totally self-contained. It had living quarters, medical, galley, it was pretty big on the inside. One day me and my journeymen had to go do something down in the machine room,and we were walking down a badly lit hallway just talking trash to each other.

When we lookd down the hallway and a guy walked out of one of the rooms wearing an old long white jacket like a Dr would back in the day. Kinda looked at us more like he was doing his rounds. Look the guy I was with was a black man and he turned WHITE. I freaked out, my heart just about stopped. We were gone I dont know if that man ever went back down there or not. But over the years I saw guys in Navy work uniforms from the 40's just walking around. I just got used to it after a while. I had never seen ghost before I went to work there so at first it was kind of scary.

When they would sink docks, a few of us would have to be locked below to turn on the pumps. Now, that's when things would get really interesting because you'd hear all kinds of things from crying to singing to banging noises. This one time, me and this guy was working on an electrical pump down in the bottom of the dock, when we looked up and ther was a guy in a Navy work clothes just leaning over a motor watching us. I looked at him, looked down and then back and he was gone.

That wasn't on a oil rig, it was on a ship.

But this next story I had been in the north sea for years it as a layover rig, like a floating hotel for rig workers during bad weather. It was HUGE. It had a club, bowling alley, food court, movie theater, it even had a brothel, hahah. Anyway, there was talk of it being haunted. I worked on it a few years, and things, little things would go missing and then be found in the weirdest places. Once my boss set me and my helper down in one of the legs, man it was a long way down there 4 flights of stairs then six flight elevator for six more flights. Man it was dark in there. We were working on something down in that leg when the lights went out. It was pitch black as shit. All we could do is wait for the power to come back on. Well, they back on for about thirty seconds then, went back out. All of a sudden something started punching me in my face and chest, hard like. All I could do is just try to cover my face and block the blows. I don't know how long it lasted. too long. But the lights came back on but I saw my helper and he was bleeding and saying something attacked him as well. He was screaming.

We took off for the elevator and it felt like something was holding on to our legs like it wanted to pull us back. Something started punching my helper's face again, cos I saw blood on his face again and he was cursing. Felt like forever til we made it to the elevator and back to the top. We tried explain it to my boss. He said Damn, He said well go get your tools, he had another job for us up top. I don't think he believed us. We told him our tools were left down in the leg. He tried to make us go back down and get them, but that was one time I told my boss to fuck off and go get them himself. I walked off that job.

Todd says he now works for Diamond Oil, tho there is not much work currently due to the pandemic. This account was pretty much verbadim and I didnt edit or polish anything. I just wanted to get it all down before I forgot it or lost it off my phone.
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