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This is what I wrote and hope that it's not considered too controversial.
         The White House 🏡 against minorities doesn't care who you are. If you're White, Black, Asian, Native American, Hindu, Muslim, or Jew, etc., you will be an outcast in a system going only for profit. Your contribution is only worth what goes into the pockets of rich people. If you're someone that can't give them profit, then you're often bullied.

         The evilness of the coronavirus puts your life at risk; it takes away good-hearted people who would take the shirt 👚 🎽 off their backs to help you succeed. No one is immune to this disease; we are all victims, young and old alike. This is such a waste of experienced people who have given so much.

         In hard and dangerous times, it's hard to be an optimist during this pandemic. When the Republicans make a mistake, they say that it's the fault of the Democrats. This makes a person want to cry and just give up. Please don't (you) give up; this is precisely what people who are rich want you to do since their wealth is more important to them. Due to not being able to pay our medical bills, if we're a minority, we'll become ill, which can also lead to death. Democrats try their best to help those in need, but often get the blame for everything that goes wrong. This isn't right.

         What do you think of someone who constantly lies, especially someone who's in a leadership position, let alone our President, the President of the United States? This is so much like the little boy 👦 who cried wolf so many ⌚ times that nobody would believe him when he cried wolf 🐺 for real. Only to find out that you can't depend on anything that they say anymore, it's hard to put your trust into someone you care about.

          An example for the people is what a leader needs to be. A better alternative can be found by finding out the facts that will make the problem better for those involved. Situations come up that we don't have the answers for, but we should try to find a solution that can help someone who's going through something similar to yours.

         Inspirations of joy, happiness, love, and security keeps us safe from harms way. Like a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a better climate of hope transforms us into a beautiful human being. Being the best that you can be, let nothing deter you from getting along in a society that's full of hate; there's no debate about it, we can all relate. Don't be too late, nothing can be better than us all getting along with one another.

         {/linespaceKnowing that you're special, the talents you've shared will not be forgotten. Supposing that there's no tomorrow, there's a better life than the one we've got now, far better than you could possibly imagine.

         The White House 🏠 🏡 against minorities does exist. Persistence has gotten us through the turmoil that they have brought us. You've been resisted, but in my ♥ heart, you've always mattered. Even though I've struggled with things that I haven't understood, I've probably acted differently than you expected. I'm a minority in thinking the way most people do, but don't brush me off, I just see things differently. Even though my thinking may be different from yours, you're still a part of my team, so stand up and take a bow.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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