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Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #2222432
This is the first story of my lovely bff and sister masha krechenko.Enjoy your reading :)
It was a normal morning Mahmoud was getting ready to go to his school, but he was a bit jealous because his younger sister “Sarah” was not going to school with him because it was her birthday. Sarah wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday away from school so she decided to spend the morning with her mother getting ready for the party in the evening. After preparing his school bag, he went to the kitchen to get his lunchbox and his breakfast.on the other side his father was done with his breakfast and ready to go. Mahmoud kisses his mom goodbye and also his sister, then gets into the car with his father. Mahmoud couldn’t walk to his school because it was to far so his dad had to drive him. During driving, his father discusses what present should they get for Sarah, luckily Mahmoud was so close to his sister so he knew what she wanted. While they were talking, Mahmoud felt a strong shake in his seat. Mahmoud freaked out and asked his father if he felt the same, but his father said that he felt nothing. Just after this sentence a strong earthquake started, it felt like the earth’s crust was falling apart. Mahmoud held the car’s door as strong as he could while his father struggled with the other cars coming back and forth. Suddenly their car hits another truck and both go unconscious. Few hours later Mahmoud wakes up to find himself trapped in the flipped car, he struggles to get out and finds his father thrown out of the car. Rushing to his father, Mahmoud tries to wakes his father up several times and finally his father wakes up. Mahmoud and his dad burst into tears because they were lucky enough to survive the disaster, then they remembered Sarah and Amina (the mother). The father takes out his phone, but unfortunately it wasn’t working. Mahmoud and his dad rushed to find any rides because every minute counts, they searched for 3 hours but with what happened it was almost impossible to find ride. Ambulances and police cars where everywhere, so the father rushes to one of the police cars asking for help. The police officer tells the father that they are lucky to survive and that the earthquake was the strongest one that has hit Egypt. After begging the police officer, he says he can give them a ride to their home. Bursting into tears with regret, the father was thinking of all the fights he had with Amina and that he was considering a divorce. The father knew that nothing was more important than his family, and that he had a lot blessings in his life that he didn’t realize he had. The car stops suddenly, Mahmoud and his father thank the police officer and went to their house. In their driveway the father’s friends were standing and sobbing, the father rushes to his friends and starts once again to cry from the news he heard. Mahmoud was shocked from what he heard, but couldn’t believe it.He runs into their house or what remained from it, surprisingly he finds his sister playing with her toys! He gives her loads of hugs and rushes with her to his father. Baba, baba! Look I found Sarah, but his father didn’t answer in fact no one even looked to him. Right then Mahmoud knows the shocking truth, all this time he was guiding his father, but he really belonged with his mother and Sister. Mahmoud feels a pain in his chest from the sadness and starts to cry.Sarah tells him that everything will be all right and that they were in a better place. Meanwhile the father’s friends ask him about Mahmoud, the father goes crazy and tells them that he was just standing here. Running into the wrecked house, the father realizes that Mahmoud never left the car, but his soul did....
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