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This type of sentence is called a pangram - it has all 26 letters.
         By this time now you all should totally realize that my magical stories don't follow any specific set of guide lines. My stories are more for your entertainment, to make you smile, to exercise the mind, and to make people think with their brain. So thanks to a friend of mine, he gave me another great idea for an interesting story to write. In the immortal words of goody6 "Great stories are written by great people, and we each hold the power within us of writing a story" That's really a pretty profound way of thinking, isn't it, and it doesn't have a single thing to do with this topic.

         The title of this story probably explains it the best. So what is so great about one single sentence? What does it say that other sentences don't say? What does this sentence have that other sentences don't have? What puts it above the rest and makes this one solitary sentence stand out from all of the others? Well this one particular sentence written almost in the spirit of the writing style of the great legendary Dr. Seuss, has one very rare feature that most other sentences don't have.

         That unique trait is simply that this particular sentence uses every single letter in the English alphabet in it's content. Yes that's correct, every single letter in the alphabet is used in this one particular sentence. You might already know it, and I won't keep you any longer in suspense. The sentence is - " The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog". This one sentence does indeed use every single letter of the English alphabet, plus it has three extra o's and one a,e,r & v. Which makes for a grand total of just only seven extra letters used in it's content. That's not really all that bad, for who ever came up with it.

         I know that this sentence is used in typing class for teaching purposes. I however didn't do all that well in the typing class at the local community college, and I just simply ended up being a one fingered taper. However since starting this story I've been told from a person who is taking a typing course, that there is at least one other sentence out there somewhere that has every single letter in it as well. This type of sentence is called a pangram - it has all 26 letters, and I hope after reading this you may have learned something new here.

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