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My first Motorbike Java that remains close to my heart for ever

My First Motor Bike

We all gathered around my design drafting table for a review meeting. The Design Manager conducted the proceedings. Every one explained his points to resolve. It was a tense moment for me, I had to consider their points, resolve them before freezing design. Taking note of all views, the meeting got adjourned, to meet after all points are resolved. There after we became free to exchange fun and a bit of gossip too! I had told them my registration to buy a new scooter was in the que, not sure when it could materialise. Hence I wanted to buy a motorbike immediately for my commute, with a request to offer if any one intends to sell theirs.

"Guys, my 2500 cc Java bike with two stroke engine is for sale. I intend to sell it before my new scooter is received from show room" said the ,TDE , one of my colleague.

Myself and my colleague Gopal offered to buy the bike, my offer was done first.

Grabbing the offer fast, I clinched a deal and bought it, Gopal's offer was conditional and a bit late .

Lo, the bike became my "First motor bike!"

It remained close to my heart ever since its entry into my life. I was a bachelor then when it appeared in my life. I commuted then from my house where I lived with my parents, driving daily with my friend Sujai about thirty kilometres. It was a bright sunny morning, it was my initial stages learning to drive, I ran into a buffalo that crossed my way suddenly before I could apply brakes. No, I did jam the brakes, but my bike couldn't stop its inertia, rammed into the animal. Sujai flew in air in to road side soft bushes, while I flew off on the other side into the slopes with helmet on my head secure to save my head a crash. The animal happily walked away unmindful of the accident!

Bruised and shell shocked, we slowly walked back on to my horse, the Java, that was roaring with engine still on. We were happy the bike was intact. We drove further.

It became a hot news that we met with an accident. Anxious calls started pouring my phone enquiring about the accident. It was only land lines and extension numbers through multiplexers those days! It was nuisance answering the calls, and telling them the news is exaggerated and distorted ,we were safe.

Sujai walked to my drafting table fuming and shouting:

"Hey, it's the mischievous spread of distorted news all over the factory by Gopal" "Come let's walk into friends in different departments and quickly dispel the mischief, stop this nonsense."

I was unable to take it. "What made him to do it? It's clear mischief, Is he mad or what" I was fuming with displeasure.

"Cool... Take it cool. He's Jealous you are enjoying the Java ride. Often he has expressed it with me. Being common friend I didn't want it to escalate. I didn't disclose it to you" Sujai was trying to cool me down and pacify me.

After we met some friends at departments, the mischief was busted, but it costed Gopal a bad repute. Friends held a bad opinion on him ever after.

It still remains on my memory screen, evergreen as it were, I couldn't resist a loud laugh! Sujai even to this date tickles me with his characteristic laugh we enjoyed the ride for quite a long time!

I don't do justice if I miss telling you the great moments I met my girl, now my better half. We took long drives together like free birds, care free forgetting the world! Again it's my lovely Java that knew our likes and dislikes, ever ready take us piggy back irrespective of time, with a great enthusiasm, stop near the road side restaurant or the chaiwala or the sweetmeat stall on our way.

It's my first, sweet Java that readily carried my toddler daughter, with round face, chubby cheeks, twinkling eyes, toying on the filling cap of fuel tank while I took her on joy rides in and around our factory colony. It was a talk of the town about my obsession for the joy ride on Java with darling daughter, and a matter of fun to my friends to tease me.

Java would never allow me ride any other vehicle; jealous of any other vehicle take its place with me! It remained our beloved bike; never was sick, didn't complain any time. It cheerfully carried us, our two kids together all around for our day today outings, local trips. They enjoyed riding it; would never go out without its ride.

It was still dark, early in the morning I took a ride round colony, looking for my daughter's favourite doll Chuju, she lost fallen on the roadside while we were on a joyride the previous evening. She was crying whole night, I had no option but to search it in the early morning. The road was brimming with friends on early morning walk and jogging. Some were taking fun out of my joy ride. But Gopal was jealous unable to relish my joyride on the Java. As I approached riding beside him, he hurled his water bottle at my bike's front wheel.

It burst with a big water splash all over, drenching Joggers; one of them fell aground skidding on the water so splashed. People gathered coming out of homes nearby, were furious on him, shouting and scolding him at the top of their voice. Sensing a showdown, a few of the elders took charge of the situation to pacify the vociferous lot, disbursed every one back. Dumb struck I too moved ahead, returned. On my way one of the neighbours stopped me, gave Chuju that they found on road during their evening stroll. My daughter was jumping with joy, to find her favourite toy back!

The incident left a big scar on my feelings, I was unhappy why I became a target of jealousy, I decided to talk to Gopal, to square up if he has any misunderstanding. All my efforts failed to bring him round.

Years rolled down. Java ride continued to be my obsession. Friends used to tease me, say I would prefer Java, given an option for a trove of fortune. Gopal's skirmishes continued here and there and became a pain in my neck. I would rather resolve it by hook or crook, than to continue enduring it.

It was a sad Saturday noon, he approached us, wanting still to buy Java. He also was its big fan like me, enamoured by its smooth and trouble free rides. He was aggressively bent on buying it; I couldn't resist when he promised he will keep it well maintained and cheerful like we did. In a fit of weakness we sold it, only to regret our action ever after.

Memory of Java haunts me even today.



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