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First Paragraph of a possible story
This is my first time writing properly and I would just like some hints and any help if people don't think this is good or how to improve it. I am open to any constructive criticism.

It was a regular Saturday night with Cassey, Lilly and me where at our local under 18’s club called ‘Sons of Pitches’ but a lot of us call it ‘Sons of Bitches’.
However, this isn’t my idea of fun. Cassey and Lilly drag me here every weekend to come and have ‘fun’. But honestly what’s so fun about dancing around with slobbering, sweaty guys eyeing you up. I sit at the bar, where they only sell fizzy drinks, watching them shaking their booties while lads are slobbering over them. I would honestly rather be home watching movies with them but like always I’ve been out voted to go here.
“Ell what are you still doing sitting here talking to Duke…no offence.” Duke was the bartender I talk to while they are out dancing. He often gives me a free soda. “You should be out dancing with me and Cassey.” Lilly whined as she sat down next to me.
I looked over to where Cassey was and like always she was making out with some stranger. I look back to Lilly. “Looks like Cassey is pre-occupied with something else rather than dancing.”
“And that’s why I need you to come and dance with me. Pretty please.”
“Go and dance with your friends. All you do is sit here talking to me and complain.” Duke said to me.
I gave him an evil glare and Lilly carried on to plead and gave me here puppy eyes. “Fine. I’ll come and dance. I’m not going to enjoy it though and I’m definitely not kissing or grinding up against anybody.”
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