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I will not wear your poolnoodle hat , I will not become a demtard prat
I will not wear your pool noodle hat
I will not become a demtard prat
I do not believe in the PLANdemic lies
Viruses do not hide in sun-filled skies
I will not bow to this NEW NORM
I am one of a We the People storm
So you can dress like Dr Seuss
Wear pool noodle hats in red and peuce
You can be a victim of Contact Tracing
Watch CNN that is mind-erasing
Take vaccines made by Bill Gates
Who's everything that a patriot hates
Arrows on sidewalks due to COVID?
You must be a special kind of stupid.
Going to pubs wearing wheeled inner tubes?
That's for sheep-minded liberal boobs
I wish you all would wise up and see
A virus with less than 1 percent mortality
Should never have shut down the economy
States that never practiced lockdown
Gave the CDC predictions the smackdown
I'm too smart to fall for deep state lies
I'm laughing as curves took nosedives
Who'd have thought the Deep State rats,
Would resort to vaccines made from bats,
Pelosi and Schumer went to China in too
to check on BIll Gates' funded Wuhan Flu
The Deep State planned this whole pandemic
Hoping the libtards would become ischemic
not just from fear, but lack of oxygen
As usual the MSM really got to them
For a virus with a deathrate less than 1%
Off the deep end the libtards went
No one thought to even ask
Why the healthy must wear a mask.
Or why should healthy people quarantine,
If you leave your house you're selfish and mean
Why must Christian churches remain closed?
But we can shop at Walmart and LOWES?
Hairdressers, Restaurants, are non-essentials
No one needs to feed families or pay bills
Let's just STAY SAFE and sit in our homes
In our pretend germless biodomes
Where more people got sick and died
Than folks who wised up and went outside
MSM twists Trump's words and has the nerve to preach
He said we should drink fish tank cleaner and bleach
But they try to make Joe Biden appear so smart
When he sounds like he just fell off the turnip cart
So I'm done following this Social Distancing pollution
Because we are still under a CONSTITUTION
and those stupid COVID laws never got due process
So while we even follow them is anyone's guess
They can't make these COVID rules stick in court
Their COMMIE agenda keeps coming up short
I just can't wait for the reopens and voting time
watching panicked dems all pantomime
Your PLANDEMIC's a trainwreck, over and done
Now let's all go outside and go have some fun
Forgive me for waxing poetic in Dr Seuss
I just can't drink the COVID KOOL-AID juice
So, I will not wear your pool noodle hat
I will not become a demtard prat
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