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Now that the girls know the powers of the medallion, how will they share it with the guys?
Sharing the Medallion’s Secret

“So, how do you think we should tell the guys? They absolutely won’t believe it until they are given a demonstration. Even then, it will be hard for them to grasp without witnessing it for theirselves.“, said Amanda as she pondered the problem.

“Absolutely. That’s why we’re going to change them one at a time. If we try to change one of them, the other one might not go through with it.”, said Sally. “The only question is, what are we going to transform them into?”

“Imagine if we turned them into that stripper body we tried out last week?”, asked Amanda. “I mean, Brad has always been fascinated with big breasts. You’ve seen the way he sneaks peeks at yours from time to time. Imagine if he had a set of his own to play with? Or better yet, for me to play with? She did have quite a pair on her.”

“Ah, I think that would be great for Brad. I had something else in mind for Rick. You remember how he keeps talking about getting a dog?”

“No! You wouldn’t!”, said Amanda as she had a good laugh.

“Oh, come on! I think he can handle walking on four legs for a bit. It’s not like it’s permanent. Besides, he will certainly be a believer after that. It will be good practice for me if we decide to go through with adopting an actual pet. He’ll have his fun later when I make it up to him.”

“So what kind of dog will he become?”

“You remember my sister’s beagle? Well, I grabbed an old collar when I visited last week.”

“You mean Millie!? You’re going to turn him into a bitch?”

Sally nodded and continued. “If I turn him into a male dog, he’ll have half the neighborhood dogs knocked up within a few days.”

“What if HE gets knocked up? I mean, I don’t think he would be very pleased giving birth to a litter of puppies!”

“Oh, there are ways to deal with that if he would actually consider it. Also, we haven’t had an opportunity to try an animal transformation yet. This will be a great time to try it out. I think he’ll have fun with it once the shock wears off.”

“Okay then. I’ll bring Brad by around 7:00. Rick will be “Millie” by then. I do believe he will be interested in seeing his friend transform into his new form.“ said Amanda as she glanced at her watch. “I’d better get going if I’m going to be back in time.”

Brad Experiences Womanhood

Brad accompanied Amanda to the front entry and rang the doorbell. The ringing was immediately followed by a barking noise. Turning to his wife with a confused look on his face, he asked, “When did Rick and Sally get a dog?”

“Oh, Sally told me she was going to pick her up this afternoon.”, said Amanda, trying to keep a straight face.

The front door opened as Sally held back an overly excited beagle. “Come on in! Don’t worry about this little girl. She’s friendly and won’t bite. She’s just still adjusting to her new living conditions. Millie! Be quiet and go sit on your bed.”

The dog calmly walked over to her bed and sat down, just like Sally requested. She gave Brad a curious look as he sat down on the couch.

“So Brad. We have a little surprise for you, but you’re going to have a hard time believing what we say, so we thought a demonstration was in order.”, said Sally as she picked up the medallion and walked toward Brad.

“Uh, what kind of demonstration?”, asked Brad as he looked at Amanda.

“Oh, don’t you worry Brad. I think you’re really going to enjoy this. I know I will.”, said Amanda as she gripped her husband’s hand.

Sally, careful to only touch the chain, reached out to put the medallion around Brad’s neck. Brad lowered his head, enjoying the view as he stared down Sally’s top into a deep canyon of cleavage.

Sally rolled her eyes toward Amanda causing her to chuckle a bit.

“Okay then. What’s this? Is it some kind of medal? I’m kind of lost here.”, said Brad as he examined the medallion.

“It’s about to make a lot more sense.”, said Sally as she threw a red lacy piece of fabric at the medallion.

“Ouch! What the heck was that?”, exclaimed Brad as he felt the shock run through his body. Unfolding the red garment revealed one of the biggest bras that he’d ever seen. “And who does this belong to?”

“You.”, said Amanda as she eagerly watched for the transformation to start.

“Uh, I don’t think it would fit”, said Brad as he forced a laugh.

“Oh, it will soon enough!”, said Sally. “You see, that medallion around your neck contains a powerful magic. It has the ability to change your form when you come into contact with an article of clothing or another human being.”

“Right...Very funny. Is this some kind of role playing exercise? Where’s Rick anyways? I’m not really following. Am I supposed to...” Brad trailed off as a strand of red hair fell down into his face. “What the hell?”, he said as he walked over to the full length mirror. His hair was turning red and lengthening right before his eyes.

“We told you, the medallion is magic.”, said Amanda.

“Magic isn’t real. How are you doing...” Brad trailed off again as his voice cracked. After clearing his throat, he tried to finish his sentence. “How the hell are you doing this?”, said Brad in a high pitched feminine voice. As he held onto his throat, he felt the room get a bit larger. No, it was him getting smaller. Brad’s huge, muscled body was rapidly losing definition. “I’m getting shorter too!”, he said as he looked over at his wife who was now looking at him eye to eye.

“Honey, just relax. This isn’t permanent and I promise you’ll have a night you’ll never forget. Now, I recommend you strip out of those clothes before some of the more extreme changes take place.“

Brad feeling a sudden pressure on his chest, removed his shirt by lifting it over his head. While most of his chest muscles were shrinking, his pecks were getting larger and heavier. After a few additional minutes, he now had C cup sized breasts. “This is unreal!”, he said as he felt his new breasts. “I have tits!”

Brad’s inspection of his newly developed assets were cut short when he felt the tightness of his pants around his ass. He quickly dropped his pants after he heard a seam rip, exposing his entire lower half. Amanda, turned on by her husband’s transformation, reached out grabbed his dick, which had just started to shrink. For a moment, it looked like his dick was increasing in size, but as his erection hardened, it became smaller and smaller, until it was sucked up into his groin, along with his balls.

“Whoah! I’m really turning into a chick! This is un-fucking-believable!” As Brad’s attention once again turned to his breasts, they began to rapidly gain mass. He remembered the bra that started this and retrieved it from the floor, holding it out in front of him. He now understood what the future had in store for him. He moaned as his breasts inflated to a DD cup, but they didn’t stop there. He felt their immense weight pull him forward as his breasts reached massive proportions and still continued to grow. His new mammaries didn’t stop until somewhere past a HH cup. He stared in awe at the new addition and touched his large nipple that stuck straight out from his breast, causing a jolt of pleasure to his brain. Brad continued to stare as his ass filled out in the back to help offset his front half. The changes, having finally completed, left Brad speechless. He stared at one of the hottest women that he’d ever laid eyes on. Her small waist gave her an extreme hourglass figure. Her large bright blue eyes looked hungrily back at him. Long, silky red hair fell down to the middle of his back. And those plump, sexy lips! Oh how good they would feel around his cock! As Brad moved forward to get a closer look, his new tits pressed up against the glass, bringing him back to reality. The oversexed beauty looking back was him.

“So, I think you’re a believer now.”, said Sally after she gave Brad a little whistle. “I hope you have as much fun in that body as I did.”

Brad tried to downplay his excitement, but his eyes betrayed him as he got a good look at his backside. “Come upstairs with me and I’ll help you get dressed. We have a few articles of clothing that will fit that sexy body of yours.”

“So I haven’t, like seen Rick around.”, he said in his new soprano voice. “Damn, this squeaky voice makes me sound like some air head bimbo.”, Brad giggled a bit as he shook his breasts.

Sally grinned at Brad and patted his ample ass. “The woman who owned that bra wasn’t known for her deep intellect. If you want, you’re mind to match your body, keep holding that bra against the medallion like you are now.”

“Brad looked down at the bra that he held between his breasts to see it pressed tightly against the medallion. It took a minute to piece together what Sally had said before he screeched and dropped the bra on the floor.

“Hmmm... I wonder how much intellect you lost just now.”, said Sally before she answered Brad’s question. “Rick had his demonstration earlier this evening.”, said Sally as she pointed to Millie who was still staring at Brad’s new form.

“You turned Rick into a doggy? Gee, I like feel lucky that I wasn’t first!” Rick looked at him and snorted before curling up in the bed.

“Oh, don’t let her fool you. She was having a blast running around in the yard earlier when we were playing fetch. Millie is enjoying her self quite a bit. She can’t wait to go to the dog park and run around with the other dogs.”

Brad patted his buddy on the head and smiled. “Sorry Rick. You’ll have to tell me all about it when you’re on two legs again. If it helps, you are pretty fucking adorable. Who’s a little cutie? You are! Yes you are! I could just...”, he said before he covered his mouth and scrunched his nose in frustration as his mind got away from him for a moment. Rick furiously wagged his tail as he took in Brad’s naked form.

Amanda tugged at her husband’s arm and smiled. “Come with me Honey. I want to get a better look at that body... in private.”

Brad followed quickly, giggling as his breasts swung wildly from his quick movement. He let go of Amanda’s hand to steady them as he followed her upstairs.
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