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A boy talks about the things he does when he is bored. Reviews requested.
I feed the dog and pet the cat;
I pet the dog and feed the cat.
I comb and feed and brush and pat
And now I see they're getting fat.

I ride my bike along the block;
I find my rocking chair and rock.
I try to think of words that rhyme
Which I can do most any time.

I take a walk along a brook
I then sit down and read a book.
The book is one I've read before;
I know the end, it's such a bore.

I ask my older brother, Chad
To help me 'cause I'm going mad;
He says I'm going through a fad
And I should go and talk with dad.

I call my old friend Olga B.
and tell her I'm bored as can be.
She says she knows what's good for me
That I should go and climb a tree.

There is no tree that I can climb,
But I went out and found a dime.
I took the dime, then took a walk
Hoping to find someone to talk.

But all around, that I could see
Was no one there to talk with me.
I'd happily give up my dime
To find someone to spend some time

There certainly must be a place
Where I could find a friendly face.
I do not know where that might be;
Would someone please enlighten me?

I called my friend back -- Olga B.
She said when she's bored as can be
She goes off on a shopping spree;
She recommended that to me.

I said, "That's such a good idea
A big sale's on now at IKEA!
And if there's nothing there I need
I'll go out back and plant some seed."

It's always very nice to know
That you have vegetables you grow
And if you don't like veggies, then
You can go out and buy a hen.

If you decide you don't like eggs
Perhaps, then, you'd like chicken legs.
But first, you would do very well
To make sure that you do not sell....

The eggs; you'd be far better off
To let them hatch; before you scoff
Just think about this: if you had
A flock of chickens at your pad....

You'd always have enough to eat --
A situation hard to beat.
Not only that; but just for kicks
You always could have baby chicks.

I may have just learned something new;
When I'm so bored the thing to do
Is think and think and think some more
And think of something I adore.

I realize I can use my mind
To solve the problems that can bind
Me in a knot; I now believe
There's nothing I cannot achieve!
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