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Alice is a girl struck with grief, but there's hope that strength would come in time.
A collage of pinks and purples, covered in a horde of cuddly toys. Alice's bed should have been the most comforting place to dwell. Tragically, a hole was carved the beating heart that laid within her soft chest. A void that nothing and no one could hope to remedy. It is night time where she finds it the hardest. Alone, stuck inside her head, enduring thoughts, and memories. Those that should inspire joy, instead, they only bring pain beyond her comprehension.

Weeks ago, this young girl had mere concerns. Worrying over whether she’d get treated to strawberry laces after the school day, being the most frequent. In her mind, life seemed as though it was a straight line. That you’re born a baby and die an elderly person. Life, unfortunately, doesn’t abide by such plans and in turn, shattered this illusion.

No child deserves to be told the news that Alice heard. At least not have to witness her father break down in tears before her very eyes. The warmth of the world vanished, gone by a few spoken words. She was plunged into a reality, where anything can happen and everything could be taken away.

This situation grew worse. To say goodbye introduced a nightmare never conjured in this girl’s mind. Going back to everyday life didn’t make any sense. Nothing made sense anymore. Alice would stare into space, thinking back to a time where magic once existed and where wonderment captured her imagination.

At night, before drifting to sleep. Alice’s door would open. Her father would sit poised on the bed and pull the curtains enough for both of them to gaze out at the sky. They’d name a star, after her mother.

The father knew this was the only way to make her smile each day.
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