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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2222573
2004 poem about the fantasy land my current book will be set in
The breeze blows
gently through the jade grass.
Hoof beats sound in the ground,
rhythms of gallops.
Centaurs run past
in a flash
red, brown, dapple,
dark, and light.

Waves of the Aquaryan sea
crash upon the Sphenox cliffs.
Just for a second before they recede
you can see
a cobalt tail, a flash of golden hair,
and the eyes deep as the ocean blue.
The mermaids play along the Sphenox cliff.
Who can ride the waves the longest?

Up above jade grass
and turquoise sea,
Granite Mountains hold
true in any deepened storm.
Above all the most majestic
of creature stands.
She spreads her wings to
the dark void of space
and calls to others of her race.

Sounds call back
beautiful and melodious
notes of legends and lore.

And the Phenix flies again.
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