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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2222579
How long will the guys stay in their new forms?
Note to readers: This is probably close to a final draft on this chapter, but I may come back and modify it a bit more.

Dress Up Time

“My God, this body is horny!”, said Brad as he slipped on the tight skirt. The red bra helped keep the girls under control, even if they felt a little constrained.. “I look like a damn porn star.”

“Would you like me to turn into the pizza delivery guy or a repairman?”, teased Amanda.

Brad smiled as he thought that over. “Sounds hot!”, said Brad as he pictured himself on his knees sucking on a big, fat cock. “I mean, no, I mean, I’m not quite ready for that. I don’t want to suck a cock!”

“Who said anything about sucking a cock?”, asked Amanda. “Boy, you did hold onto that bra a little long, didn’t you?”

“I um... well...”, studdered Brad.

Amanda pulled Brad into a deep kiss causing their breasts to push together. “Just let go and enjoy the ride. I was thinking about names. How about Brandy? It’s close to your name and I think it suits that body of yours.”

“Mmmm... I like that! You did promise me a night I’ll never forget. How about we make like a tree and go?”, he asked as his face scrunched up again due to his word blunder.

“You may want to put a shirt on first.”

At the Park

“I didn’t make the rules Millie. Dogs must be on a leash at all times. If you haven’t noticed, you fit that category now. Once we get to the dog park, you can run and play with the others.”

Rick looked annoyed at being treated like a real dog, but desperately wanted to go meet some fellow canines and have some fun. Being a dog was kind of interesting and he treated it like a little vacation. Escaping his human worries for a few days would let him truly relax. However, the more he relaxed, the more his instincts started to take over. If he drifted too deep Into character, it took a while for him to snap out of it and reclaim his human mind. He felt a little more out of sorts today than yesterday, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was different.

Sally let “Millie” greet other dogs as they crossed paths. She noticed the males taking a special interest in her husband’s new body and guessed that he might be in heat. “It’s a good thing I snuck that pill in his treat before we came.”, she thought as her former husband sniffed one of the passing male’s butts.

Amanda and Brad

Brad giggled as winked at yet another man who couldn’t take his eyes off of his breasts. The man’s wife smacked him on the head and gave Brad a dirty look, muttering “Tramp.”, as they passed.

Amanda stopped Brad and poked him in the side. “Ease up you little home wrecker!” Both of them laughed together as they neared their home. Amanda quickly unlocked the door and pulled Brad inside. Immediately, the two women were all over each other.

“You might be a tramp, but you’re my little tramp!”

“Mmmmmmmm...” Brad smiled at the comment and rubbed his breasts against Amanda.

“You like that don’t you? You like being treated like a little slut?”, asked Amanda as she ran a finger along Brad’s hard nipple.
His now female body moaned loudly as she continued and nodded in agreement. “You love being a big titted bimbo, don’t you?” Again, Brad moaned in agreement. “How would you like to go full bimbo? We could get the medallion and finish the job. Hell, you could bring in a lot of money showing off those big titties of yours!” Brad was absolutely on fire at this point. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you. Making all those men’s cocks hard with that slutty body of yours? You would have your choice of cocks to suck? Imagine those big breasts of yours bouncing up and down as you ride a huge, throbbing cock!”

“Yes! Oh my God yes!”, screamed Brad as he squirmed at his wife’s light touch. Amanda reached into the drawer and grabbed her dildo. Brad’s eye grew wide as she lowered it to Brad’s pussy.

“Oh, yes!”, moaned Brad as Amanda gently rubbed the tip of the dildo against his crotch. “Put it in already!”

“That’s not a nice way to ask. Tell me what you want. Beg me for it.”, said Amanda. This was very out of character for her, but seeing her husband in the body of a bimbo brought a deeply hidden kink to the surface.

“Please fuck me, I love being a sexy woman! I want to go all the way! Make me a dumb horny bimbo so I can just fuck all day and have no worries. I don’t need to be smart with this body. I only need someone to play with my tits and fuck me hard! Make my titties even bigger! These lips of mine were made to wrap around a big hard cock! Turn yourself into a man and I’ll show you what a good little cocksucker I can be! I’ll be your little fuck doll!”

“That’s the spirit!”, said Amanda as she pushed the dildo into Brad’s soaking wet pussy.

The neighbors two blocks down could probably hear “Brandy” cry out from the orgasm that hit her.

Bitch in Heat

Rick was really starting to enjoy his new body and began to slip into the role of Millie more and more. His human mind faded to the background as his canine instincts took charge. Sally finally let him run free when they entered the fenced in dog park.

Rick has been running for about twenty minutes when the male beagle approached. He noticed that the male dog was similar to his breed and gave him a friendly greeting. Rick let out a small yip when the male pushed his nose into his crotch. A strong, wonderful scent caught his attention as he turned to see the dog’s penis extend from it’s sheath. “Millie” instinctively raised her tail to the handsome male and whined excitedly as he began to mount her. Rick’s human mind realized what was about to happen at the exact moment the dog penetrated him. “Oh fuck! Oh no no no!”, thought Rick before the pleasure rocked his body. “I... should... really... stop this! But WOW does this feel good!” He looked around but didn’t see her wife and noticed that he was well hidden by thick shrubs on all sides. “Nobody will know. Just this... OH!” His first ever female orgasm rippled through his canine body as he closed his eyes and let it run its course. The male was still pumping wildly when Rick opened his eyes and saw Sally leaning over him with a surprised look on her face.

Rick tried to pull away but was firmly knotted to the male dog. “Great, I’m stuck here with a dog cock in my little doggy cunt for who knows how long.”, thought Rick as he felt a bit of shame at having just submitted to somebody’s horny pet. He could feel his mate’s seed fill his womb as the thought of becoming pregnant with puppies suddenly hit him. “Fuck me! I could get stuck as Sally’s pet for a long time if that happened. I know I kept trying to talk her into getting a pet but I never wanted to fill that role myself”, he thought as he lowered his head and squirmed. “Oh my god this still feels so amazing though!”, he thought as another orgasm slammed into him as the dog’s cock slid inside him..

“Well now, you certainly seemed to enjoy that, didn’t you?”, asked Sally as she patiently waited for the pair to un-knot. She got a closer look at the male’s collar and suddenly had an idea. The male dog’s collar was almost identical to her husband’s. She quickly removed the male’s collar and tags and replaced it with “Millie’s” collar. She stuck it in her bag and pulled out a pink spare and attached it to Rick. “This might come in handy later.”, she whispered to Rick and backed off, giving the two a little privacy.

The male dog’s owner finally found his dog and apologized for the scene in front of him and for not keeping a better eye on His pet. Finally, the male was able to separate from his bitch and Sally and Millie headed back to the car. Rick knew that if he had the opportunity to have sex again, he would probably not be able to resist. Was Sally going to use the medallion to become the male dog?

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