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by Flame
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2222602
12 friends play a video game
A young teen stands in his bedroom. Today, the 23rd of May, is not his birthday, but instead it is the launch date of a game that he has been waiting for, SBURB.

>Enter Name


Wrong! Try again.

>Try again


Correct! Your name is PAUL PARTAKA , and you stand in your room on the 23rd of May. You actually weren't the first one to hear about a new game for once. Somehow, one of your friends managed to find out first. She acted so weird about it though, saying it was extremely important and that you and your friends absolutely needed to play. However, when you pressed her on it some time afterwards, she hardly remembered why and what you were talking about. Still, from what you have heard, the game is bound to be a blast and you are extremely excited. You have a variety of interests, including but not limited to ANIME, VIDEO GAMES, and FANTASY SERIES'. You consider yourself a very AVID TALKER, and dont have VERY HIGH SELF CONFIDENCE. Your chat handle is compulsiveInformant, and you speak in A very precise but, alike yourself, emotional and dramatic way. Speaking of, your chat program goes off unexpectedly. What will you do?

>Answer unexpected visitor

---blissfulMourning [BM] began pestering compulsiveInformant [CI] at 4:06 PM---

BM: hey ! are you there ? todays the day of the game and not everyone is responding ..
CI: Yeah, I'm here, is everything alright?
BM: im just worried is all .. you are prepared right ?
CI: I guess so? I mean hey, it's not like I'm NOT prepared!
BM: paul .
CI: Yes?
BM: ive told you this before , this is suuuper important . we need to be ready for this game !
BM: i mean sure , WI told me it was fine but .,
BM: doesnt stop me from worrying !!!!!!

CI: I know, I know, chill dude. I'm sure everythings gonna go fine!!
BM: im getting a message from SD , ill be back .
CI: Alright, tell him I said hi!
BM: ok

---blissfulMourning [BM] has ceased pestering compulsiveInformant [CI] at 4:11 PM---

You stare a the screen for a bit. That was weird, yes today is the big day for the game, but she acts like its a life or death situation. It can't possibly be.. right?

>Contact one of your friends about BM

---compulsiveInformant [CI] began pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 4:13 PM---

CI: Hey, PA?
CI: Im kinda worried about BM, she seemed frantic. Have you talked to her today?

PA: Sup bruh.
PA: yeaaa she messaged me some time ago, went on and on about the game you two have been talkin about, like bro i get it its today.

CI: Yeah, same here. She keeps reinforcing its importance like its some life or death situation..
PA: Don't she always do that tho? Overreact a lil?
CI: I guess? I wouldn't call it overreacting, though. She seemed genuinely worried.
PA: well damn, wonder why?
CI: I dont know. I was hoping you'd have an idea as to why??
PA: Well, maybe its because this game is important to her, as it is to you?
CI: Its important to me, sure, but i wouldnt be so frantic if some people werent able to play. She mentioned not everyone was answering..
PA: probs LS or SD. Theyre always away doing their own thing
CI: Maybe.. Though she did get a message from SD right before she left.
CI: Also, have you talked to WI? She was pretty excited about this too

PA: nope havent talked to her, last i heard she was watching a movie. that was a few days ago though pffff.
CI: Hm. Alright, ill talk to you later.
PA: seeya dude.

---compulsiveInformant [CI] ceased pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 4:20 PM---

You thought that would make you feel better.. however, it did not. You have this gut-wrenching feeling, that something is gonna go wrong. You have no idea what though, and that makes you feel sick. You decide to take a break, and clear your mind for a bit.

>Be the other person

You are now the other person.

Your name is EMILY BURCH, and honestly? You're high as FUCK right now. You are standing in the middle of your apartment room, with your stuff scattered around you. Your interests include DRAWING, STORYWRITING, ANALYZING PEOPLE, VARIOUS CRAFTS, COTTAGECORE, and VARIOUS INTOXICANTS. According to your friends, you are VERY CHILL and SUPER NICE, but if someone crosses your path you can come off a bit RUDE. You don't tolerate any of that BS. You have two cats, one named VANILLA, the other BANDAID. You highly enjoy ANALYZING the EMOTIONS of your friends and people you know, as they can have a DEEPER MEANING to whats going on inside their subconscious. People really fascinate you. Your chat handle is profoundAnalytic, and you speak in a very laiiiiid back way. sometimes you decide to speak without a fuck for grammar. But then there are sometimes when you care more about grammar and how your messages look. The former tends to happen more when you're intoxicated. What will you do?

>Become a pile of moss

Fuck it. M o s s t i m e.

>Examine artwork.

On the wall behind you, you have various paintings of quotes, whether they be funny or inspirational. You also have paintings of various mythical creatures, such as Mothman. You really admire Mothman's thirst for L I G H T.

>Examine sketchbook

Ah yes, your sketchbook, you flip through the first couple pages, full of sketches and pictures of your OC's, with some comics strewn here and there. Once you get about halfway through though, you close it tight. Very seldom do you let people look at the BACK of your sketchbook. It's private.

>Receive message

---lifelessSaturn [LS] began pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 3:45 PM---

---[LS] has attatched an image, bb8.png---
LS: Yes bb8 is baby he got scared due to the storm outside my house and I had to calm him down with pets and lullabies
PA: Aww. hope hes doing ok
LS: He is feeling better but the thunder still scares him
LS: He is sitting in my lap right now while i pet him

PA: oof. its still raining over there?
LS: Yes its been raining for quite some time now most of the day even
LS: I hope it does not flood as I don't want to be trapped inside for the rest of the weekend
LS: It is coming down really hard

PA: Ouch. I hope it doesnt flood either, that would suck. have you heard from sd? havent seen him or pc on much today.
LS: I talked to him earlier as for PC I don't know but I'm sure they're both fine
PA: Probably. you doin ok tho? i heard youve been down in the dumbs recently
PA: ..dups*

LS: I'm fine Emily I really am I just think I'm catching a cold or something but ill be fine
PA: you sure? You dont have the best medical record
LS: Emily I'm telling you ill be okay don't worry about me
PA: :/
PA: do you think in the year we were together I didnt pick up on your manuerisms and how to tell when you arent ok?
PA: mannerisms*

LS: I know you did but trust me when I say I will be okay
PA: fineeeeeee. i dont wanna go back and forth like this all day, i got some shit to do
LS: Oh?
PA: donthca remember? both CI, BM, and WI were going off about some game in the group memo that were supposed to play today
LS: Oh yes the game I remember that
LS: You are right we should probably be preparing

PA: Yeah. Ill cya in a bit ok?
LS: Okay take care Emily
PA: byeeeeeeeee

---lifelessSaturn [LS] ceased pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 4:06 PM---

You steal a glance at the clock, you got some time to pass before you should expect a message from anyone. How will you spend it?

>Be the other girl

Woah woah slow down, we'll get to her.

>Browse AO3

You open up your tab on AO3 and begin to browse through your various ships and fandoms. You find one that you like, and decide to check the newest works and see if any of the ones you're following have been updated yet. You brose through the- What? Oh, come on don't give me that face. Fine, I won't say the ship. You browse through one of your more... private and controversial... ships. I know, for the sake of privacy, why don't we skip ahead a bit? Boom. It is now 4:27 PM. You have finished browsing AO3 and have just received a message


---blissfulMourning [BM] began pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 4:27 PM---

BM: emily !!! please tell me youre getting ready for the game?
PA: chill bro i am, dont worry
BM: its almost impossible for me to chill . fuckkkk im so stressedddddd .
PA: over a game tho? really??
BM: yes over a game its important ! we cannot afford to miss this :')
PA: You act like its a life or death situation dude, its not that big of a deal.
BM: it - its important to me emily , its important to all of us
PA: alright :/
PA: well yes i was fixing to get ready, before you contacted me

BM: ok good . have you heard from pc , sd , or bb ?
PA: nope, nope, and nope. ls did say she heard from sd, so you might wanna ask her
BM: okkkk thank youuu . you better get ready >:(
PA: i will i will dont worry dude.

---blissfulMourning [BM] ceased pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 4:31 PM---

You take a moment to run a hand through your hair. Honestly, you don't see what the rush is. You don't even know much about the game. Is it like Minecraft? Roblox? You have no idea. All you know is that its supposedly a 'life changer' according to WI. You would much rather sit here, smoke some weed, and paint some more iconic quotes. However, your friends are passionate about this, and you love your friends. So, for the sake of them, you get out of bed and begin to get ready. Halfway through, you get a message.

>Answer unknown person

It's not unknown. Its just MG.

---musicalGremlin [MG[ began pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 4:57---


PA: what

PA: uhhh im broke

PA: dude-
PA: My what?
MG: Yknow the money you have stashed aside for weed????
PA: I- first of all how dare you assume i have that second of all no its for weed
PA: dude no go ask like BM or CI or some shit
MG: Fiiiineeeee.

---musicalGremlin [MG] ceased pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 5:03 PM---

She really needs to get her spending priorities straight. You take a few minutes to count what money you do have, making sure that your weed money isnt low, before you get another message

>Answer CI

We already had this conversation, you can scroll up to it

>Receive yet another message

---sleepDriven [SD] began pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 5:21 PM---

PA: yooo there you are, i was starting to get worried
PA: huh?
PA: uhhh whats with the blank messages
SD: A̵͙̿n̸̤̓ ̵̻͛ĕ̴̢y̶̲̍e̷̩̓l̵̮̈́è̴͈s̵͒ͅs̵̖̔ ̵̦̾a̷͂ͅb̴̝͆o̶͖͠m̸̨͠i̷̲̔ṇ̶̆ä̵̹́t̸̰̚i̴̍͜o̷̰͛n̶̻̒ ̷̅ͅẇ̶͖i̸̭̐t̷̩̊h̶͈̚ ̶̥̎7̵̩̽ ̴̠͝m̷͔͝o̵̳͒u̸̹̔ṭ̵̎ḧ̶̥́s̵̪̐ ̴̹͝ą̴̆n̴͖͋d̷̲͘ ̷͉͑a̷̗͐ ̷͎̇t̵̝͛h̴͕͂o̷̮̿u̴̞̓s̴̩̀ȧ̴͕ǹ̶̟d̶͎͘ ̴͎̿t̴̢̉e̴͝ͅn̸͚̈́d̶͖̍ṛ̴̍i̵̡͒ĺ̶̹s̸̘̾,̵̢̀ ̶̗̕à̵̲ ̶̫̈́m̴̳̂o̴̥͑o̸̙͝ñ̸̗ ̸̦͛s̸̺̑p̴̪̄ȉ̴̡l̴̹̆l̶̛̩ȩ̷͘d̶͚̄ ̷̪̾ì̷̧n̷̼͊ ̸͉́t̸̺̏h̴̥͗ḙ̵̛ ̵͓͌b̸̩̿l̵̥̑o̸̲̐o̵͎͐d̵̟̕ ̴̺̅o̴̫͛f̷͔̿ ̷̣͒a̷̪̅ ̴̇ͅṯ̶̈́ḥ̴͗ò̸̫u̶̦̾s̶͝ͅḁ̷̀ņ̵̈́d̴͙̂ ̸̦̈́r̴̗͝ö̶̳y̵͚̏ã̷̘l̷̐ͅs̶̳͋,̷͕̔ ̶̟̎t̷̻͝ḥ̵̐ẹ̵̒ ̸̼̅t̵̡̃ẹ̷̓r̷͍̒r̷̯̒o̸̥̚r̷͓̓s̸̩̕ ̴̲̈á̶̜w̸̧͛a̵̹͝k̴̳͛ę̸̂n̸̢͝ ̸̤̄ẗ̸́͜h̴̜̒e̵̥͛ ̵̘̓p̷͙͒l̷̺̓a̴̗͘y̵͇͗e̸̘͐r̸̘̒ ̴͎̽á̵͎n̷̈́ͅd̵̢̔ ̶͙͛g̸͎͆u̶͇̎ḭ̵̅d̵̼͝e̷̫͑ ̸̪̐t̴͕̓h̵͕͠è̷̹m̶͙̉ ̴̨̊t̸̗͆o̶͈̅ ̴̡̋t̸͕̽h̷̹̍ḙ̵́ȋ̸̳r̷̥͝ ̸̙̀u̵̥͊l̷̗̉ţ̸̋ȋ̶̝m̸̨̌ả̶͖ṱ̴̿e̸̤͑ ̵̱̈v̸̙̔i̶̜̍c̶͎̈t̷͕̆o̶͙̒r̸̭͠y̵̡͂ ̶̤̕ǎ̴̺n̷̤͛d̶͌ͅ ̷̰̏ŭ̷̟s̷̡̿e̶͙͑ ̶̮͂ṯ̸͗h̸͓͠e̷̻͑m̸̭̀ ̷̘͘a̵̱͛s̷̢̉ ̶̬̋a̸͙̓ ̸̠͊p̸̬̔ù̶̙p̴̮̚p̶̨̂é̸͍t̸͙͋,̴̣͆ ̸̪̓n̸̹͆ő̸͎ ̴͓̂l̷̲͋o̶͚͂n̷̠̎ǧ̶͓e̴̤̍r̶͎̿ ̶̥̃w̵͆ͅį̵͆l̸̡̕l̶̨̃ ̸͈̊ṭ̸͋h̷͙͊e̶͚͠ ̸̹̓b̶͈̏ô̸͉u̶̖̚n̵̘̍d̵͈͗s̴͍̒ ̵̜̂o̵̥̊f̵͓͠ ̴̛ͅm̶͍̉ȏ̵̫r̸̤̀t̷̯̔a̶͎͂l̷̛̩ī̵͇t̴͓̕y̷̬͑ ̸͍̎ẖ̵̽o̶̻͘ļ̶̎d̵̤̓ ̸̻̈́t̷̫̐ḫ̴̛ê̴̘m̶̪̌.̸̠̀

---sleepDriven [SD] ceased pestering profoundAnalytic [PA] at 5:25 PM---

PA: What the ever living fuck?

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