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The Dialogue 500 Contest - May 2020
Low Pressure

Hey, doc. How are you.

Well, looks like I’m better than you, Betty.

Oh this? Never mind, I’ll be fine. What I really need to ask about is my blood pressure. I think it’s a little low.

Why don’t we have you lay down on the table Betty. I think that will help. When did you first start feeling that your blood pressure was too low?

I guess it was about ten minutes ago. I was in the kitchen cutting some vegetables. When I got the knife out, the phone rang. I dropped the knife when I answered the phone. I guess that’s when I noticed my blood pressure dropping. So I thought I should come and see you and see if I need to take some medicine for this or something.

Well, Betty, in my opinion your first problem is the giant knife imbedded in your thigh. Once we get that out and stop the bleeding, I am confident your blood pressure problem will be solved.

Are you sure? That sounds too easy. I was certain I would have to have bloodwork or a pill or something else.

Well, now it won’t be so easy. That knife is in there pretty deep. Plus we’re going to have to reattach that finger that’s in the sandwich bag you’re holding. Then we’ll need to stitch up the wounds in your hand and foot. All that is going to hurt a bit, so I will have to give you some medicine to put you to sleep so I can do the repairs.

Really? Can’t I just take an aspirin and go home?

Well, as your doctor, I can't let you go just yet. You have to stay on the table, Betty. You, and that knife, and that severed finger, and those wounds on your hand and foot. We need to get the bleeding stopped.

All I want to do is get my low blood pressure figured out, Doc.

And I respect that. But first we need to stop the bleeding. Betty, stay with me Betty. Betty?

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