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Both should have had a fighting chance.
         Long, long ago on an internet site far, far away, was a league where various characters of sundry role-playing games and strategy games duelled for the honour of season championship. Worker 8, known as a taciturn general operations robot who followed commands dutifully, worked its way to a figurative heavyweight championship, was upgraded to the realm of bosses, and promptly downgraded after a defeat at the hands of a power-mad clown who obtained ridiculous powers.

         In its duelling career, Worker 8 trounced several opponents, one of whom was Riruka Eleniak, known for being clumsy, scatterbrained, possessing a terrible sense of direction, yet having a boundlessly cheery and forward-looking disposition, enabling her to dictate the mood of her party. Riruka was a champion in her own right, winning a virtual middleweight title, enjoying promotion to the heavy tier, prior to losing her first match in said tier to Worker 8, demoting her straightaway.

         It was said Worker 8 disposed of Riruka as it did of many other mages, by its complete immunity to all magic, nevertheless this was untrue. Worker 8 disbelieved the illusion. The inherently innocent robot was not invulnerable to all magic arts, merely faith-based magic. While untouched by fire and ice, Worker 8 was highly susceptible to special attacks of the electric element. Unlike her friend the zoa priest, Riruka's magic had naught to do with faith. She drew her mystical power from inscriptions on crest graphs.

         If something is true, it is true whether you believe it or not.

         The dutiful robot may have been incapable of belief, nonetheless Riruka's crest strategy was a fact. If the dear scatterbrained lass had remembered the efficacy of her Spark magic against the robot she and her comrades defeated to escape a prison island, she might have correctly guessed she could fry her opponent's circuits with Filgaia's finest lightning. Otherwise, she could rely on attrition, which led her to her figurative middleweight championship. Riruka could completely heal herself in a single round, her force points system enabling her to continue doing so for as many turns as need be. With the exception of Worker 8's basic Attack command, it took damage in recoil from all of its Work directives, which might have spelled its eventual defeat at the hands of the umbrella-wielding magician.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2222706-Riruka-Eleniak-vs-Worker-8