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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Teen · #2222709
I want to be a teenager again
Chilly air in a warm car
A grey sweatshirt
Windows down
The beat in my bones
The beauty of being young

Who cares who you are?
All that matters is who you want to be
Just try to feel the world
Sink into your own bones
And the carnal desires of your heart
Be whoever you think you are
Whoever you want to be

Freedom means letting go
Trust yourself for once
Nobody gets it anyway
Maybe he does but maybe he pretends

He's a free spirit
Like you, he wants to just forget who he is
Where he comes from
And he finds solace in making you laugh
Perhaps in understanding

Never good enough
Never smart enough
Never full enough
Never centered enough in the morally superior
Never free but always perfectly preserved

Stand atop a hill
Look down
Never leave
Always wonder where you'll be
But never when you get there
Perhaps twenty is just a dream
Text me

"I love you"
Words like honey
Ears are so ready
Crave your attention
A thing I don't know well

Do you get me?
Run away and just breathe
Feel the earth in between my fingers
Climb up and up
Look down and breath
Smile like a crazy person

Climb down and suddenly dull
Elation gone like elevation
Wind turned to dirt
Freedom turned to weight
Life is such a shame

Raised like a sheep
Bred like a beat
Same as a second ago
A carbon of the last
A mirror match
Forget that shit fast

I'm young
I'm free
I'm unlike all the rest
Last name or not
It makes no difference
You all look at me like a pest

Face me
Trace my face
My lips
My hips
My drops
My scraps
My overwhelming and uncanny traps

Accept the wrong
My heart
My courtesies and beliefs
My honesty
My eyes wide open
The broken world

Rose glasses to hell
All the world is fucked up
A flower in the rough
But wilting with effort
Stay alive my friend
Water for your soul
Breath inspiration like a last breath
For art, I will give up my life

An illusion above all
It's never okay
Always a lonely fight
Life is just friendly fire
And I'm always the last one alive

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