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Eliana’s quarantine birthday party.
Within her quarantine she sighed;
yet Eliana, lacking mirth,
was thrown a party anyway
to celebrate her date of birth.

It was not easy putting forth
a party held in quarantine.
With social distancing full force,
and not a body in between.

(At age of ten, smart phone has she;
  this girl is gentle as a lamb.
  A kitty is not in the cards,
  so she relies on Instagram.)

In joy the presents given her,
from uncle, aunt and cousin, too.
A plethora of things to wear—
her favorite color royal blue.

There were limits set for dining;
Lil Eliana’s Mom did bawl.
A long and box-like table used,
yet Uncle Ned sat in the hall.

This quarantine affected more;
the parents, Abigail and Mike.
And they surprised Miss Eliana
by giving her a ten-speed bike.

Eliana liked her party,
but the distancing felt eerie.
She now counts her days in capture,
though these changes make her weary.

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