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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2222731
The girls use the medallion to transform once again.
Reader’s note: WIP - still an early draft

Sally opened the door to see Amanda standing in the doorway. “What, no Brad?”, she said as she invited Amanda inside the house.

“Brad was a little pre-occupied masturbating and playing with his breasts. I do believe that he held the bra to the medallion way too long, but I don’t have any complaints. He’s begging me to change his mind so he’s a full bimbo, but I think he’s mostly there already. Is Rick human again?”, said Amanda as she sat on the couch.

“Not yet, he’s also a little pre-occupied at the moment..”, said Amanda as she pointed toward the window that faced the back yard. “One of the local dogs hasn’t left our yard since yesterday.“

Amanda looked outside to see a medium size white dog on “Millie’s” back, humping away. “Wow, how long did you hold that collar to him?”

“Only long enough to transform. However, the hormones pumping through his cute little female body are probably wreaking havoc on his human brain. I’m going to turn him back later today if those pills worked as advertised.” Sally got up from the table and retrieved the medallion from the top of the book case. “Here you go. Are you taking it with you?”

Amanda shook her head and placed the shiny gold necklace around her head. She pulled out a plaid piece of fabric and touched it to the medallion as the familiar shock hit her.

“I’m going to try out Brad’s body and have some fun with “Brandy”.”, said Amanda as she patiently waited for the transformation to take hold. “

“So hey, if you’re not using your body, could borrow it for a for while?”

Amanda’s hair began to shorten and turn a dark shade of brown. “I figured that you might ask that. I’d better take these clothes off before they rip apart. Anyways, you’ll need them more than me.”

Amanda continued to strip until she was completely naked and folded the last piece of clothing neatly on the table. By now she was a few inches taller and wider. Her body was taking on her husband’s muscular features. She pulled out a few items of Brad’s clothing and placed them onto the table. She walked over to the full length mirror just as her penis was beginning to form.

“Mmmm... that body sure was fun to fuck.”, said Sally as she gently fondled Amanda’s new member, causing it to stiffen slightly. Amanda, loving the attention, began playing with her friends breast. It wasn’t long before she was standing in front of the mirror in Brad’s body with a very stiff erection. Sally grabbed the medallion from the well hung man and started her own transformation.

Once her transformation was complete, both of them grabbed the clothing on the table and fully dressed. Sally looked down at the large tent in Amanda’s jeans and smiled. “Want me to take care of that for you?”

“Normally, I’d say yes, but I want to spend my first time as a man with some easy bimbo with big titties. That doesn’t mean you can’t join us a little later if you can find a way to keep Justin busy.”

Sally looked out of the window to see the two dogs still knotted together. “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

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