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There are Philosophical as well as Elemental Truths

I believe that someday, when we are smarter, it will be discovered that certain philosophical ideas will be traced to their cosmic origins, and like the Periodic Table of Elements, be understood as elemental.

TRUTH is one of these. For the Socialists and Communists, and Intelligence Agencies, truth is no more than a perception. They feel that if a notion is repeated enough it becomes truth. Their misinformation and propaganda is founded upon this principle. Much of the Media, sometimes referred to as "Fake News" believes this as well. Those editors, who decide what to print, are much more influenced by economic forces than any concern for the truth. The same can be said for "Scientists." There are media whores and there are science whores.

The CIA has made claims like, "We own the Media" or "You will know the full extent of our success when everything you believe is false." For scientists it is the carrot of grants they find so tantalizing and irresistible. The prospect of fame and fortune, will make them sacrifice their core values in a heartbeat. For the media it's all about money. For the scientists it's all about prestige. Look at all the Wuhan Flu experts who let greed overshadow good judgement. It's a disgraceful but sad fact of life.

So where am I going with this? What is the nexus of truth and cosmic equilibrium? The nexus is that truth and untruth balance out. For every truth there is a lie and for ever lie a truth. It's like matter and antimatter, or gravity and antigravity. One must eventually cancel the other out. For one to bloom another must decay. For every step forward there is a step backward. One can see the model playing out around us and influencing our daily life.

Take for example President Trump. He has done some good things for this country but it has been a sheer agony. Arrayed against him is an undercurrent of tidal forces that are pulling back. Progress is made but it's only transient. No doubt there are destructive forces inside the man which would probably destroy him if left alone. Ironically it is the counter force of the Left that keeps him upright and prevents him from toppling over. The President gets to choose the moral high ground for his battlefields and the Democrats are stuck with the up hill fight. For them it's unsustainable and untenable. In a figurative sense they're sustaining horrific casualties. Watch what happens in 2020. The nation should be grateful to the progressives because their negativity makes Republican success possible.

Another great example is the ET coverup. I have to hand it to the three letter intelligence agencies. They have kept the secrets of an alien presence from the public for over three quarters of a century. They must be very proud of themselves. There used to be a child's toy with a plastic box where a clown's head popped up. When you pushed down on the head it popped back up from another trapdoor. Equilibrium is the operative word. But there's another.... TRUTH is elemental. IT CAN NEITHER BE CREATED OR DESTROYED. It is what it is. The form can be distorted, blasted with lies, and hammered with misinformation. It can be made to writhe, flop around and contort. Its appearance can be disguised or made to look like something it isn't, but it's still the TRUTH regardless of the lipstick and other "makeup" its forced to wear.
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