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A poetic response to the COVID Plandemic
This turn of affairs has me rather frustrated;
It seems that we citizens are now underrated.
Apparently, somehow, we need more restrictions;
For we cannot think clearly, nor make wise decisions.

Parents, they say, feel no love for their heirs;
And the one who is spying is the only one cares.
But I love my loved ones, so how can it be;
The government says that it cares more than me?

If I open my business, then who is to say;
Which persons will shop there, and what they will pay?
Who really owns what each citizen makes;
Should it go to the maker, or the bully who takes?

Who owns the money I worked hard to earn;
Who gets to go when I've waited my turn?
Who gets to choose which businesses win;
And who gets to say whose doors I go in?

Who is it chooses the risks that I take;
Or gets any say in the choices I make?
If I lose the power to choose how I spend;
How do you think this whole thing will end?

According to Fauci, Pelosi and Gates;
The government owns what the people creates.
They'll trace all my contacts, and track my affairs;
And say, "It's for safety–the government cares"

My fam'ly is gone. My friends are all spies;
And my neighbors have swallowed those terrible lies.
Despite all the science that proves how they're wrong;
They say, "We know better. Now put your mask on."

But I'm an American: I don't bend the knee;
So they put me in "health camps"–you'll never see me.
Do they own my body, and get to decide;
How it is cared for, and what goes inside?

Well, you only live once, so who would you be;
Would you be cattle, or would you be me?

Wake up, America! The wolf's in the fold;
His appetite's keen, and his wisdom is old.
But, I’ll not be trampled; I will not despair;
I know there are patriots like me, who care.

Our lives are at stake, but the battle is weird;
It's even more hideous than our forefathers feared.
The threat is domestic, and deceiving us, by…
As Hitler instructed…repeating the lie.

They sound "oh so friendly", but didn't Al Gore;
Say we should kill half the world, or more?
If this was an oopsie, than why did we hear;
Old Fauci aboastin' this pandemic last year?

Vaccines are fine, but wasn't it Gates;
Who crafted those vaccines that Africa hates?
Every life matters, Mrs. Clinton concedes;
Except for the babies her bloody cult needs.

Don't tell me I'm wrong, for others agree;
They have eyes, too, and with them, they see.
We are Americans: we don't bend the knee;
We may all die fighting, but at least we die free!

I do not think, though, that we will all die;
Despite the best efforts the globalists try.
They know they are few, and they don't want a battle;
They're counting on you to behave just like cattle.

But if you prefer to be like those others;
Whom Adams was shamed to ever call brothers;
Then vote away freedom, and liberty, too;
You do not deserve them–they are not for you.

You think you are safer, but that's where you’re wrong;
He never is safe, who never is strong.
The globalists' actions have caught us off guard;
But we can have victory, if we fight hard.

So, tell me now, truly: who would you be;
Would you be cattle, or would you be free?

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." ~ Samuel Adams, co-founder of the United States of America

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