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I get it. Maybe one day...
Why is it so hard to say what we really mean?
Everything always seems to be hidden between the lines.
Why do we hide behind the proverbial wall?
It keeps us safe and provides support, lest we fall.
Why donโ€™t true words come easy?
Words, alone, are simple; strung together they become complex.
A simple question only requires a simple answer.
Yet itโ€™s easy to hide behind conjecture.
Expressing true feelings means exposing a part of our soul.
Guarding the heart is easier than revealing it.
Why not keep it safe or express it at all?
It won't end up on the floor, should we stay behind the wall.
Caging it ensures that it can't ever be trampled and leave scars that will never fade;
Wounds that will never heal.

In the end, a piece of it dies.
Like a rose that hungers for the Sun.
Sheltered in a windowless abode in an attempt to protect it from being devoured.
Drowning in water, forever searching for the light it craves to bloom;
Slowly wilting.
In truth, some petals are destined to suffer and bruise.
Though new buds will grow, when nurtured.
If only given a chance to thrive.
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